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    Self confessed Film and Game music obsessive.

    Whenever a movie is released the first thing i look for is who composed the score to the film rather than who the star is.

    When watching a film, i have difficulty remembering what the film was about as I concentrate mainly on the film score, this is the same when playing games.

    This is the style I try to emulate with my work.

    My goal is to create musical ironies that draw the listener in and have them listen intently and try to figure out where the music is going.

    In a sense, I strive to make music that is unpredictable.

    Thanks for checking out my page.

    Mark Stothard.
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  1. Having grown up playing street fighter for years in the arcade, then at home, this project sounds fantastic and is something I would love to be a part of.
  2. Dannthr, I just want to make a public apology for my attack on you. I said some very immature things to you, which you took very well. This left me feeling quite stupid. I've read quite a few posts on here from you, and I can see that you do provide a lot of help and encouragement to many artists. I respect everything you have done, and love your work very much. Again, my apologies. Mark.
  3. Dan the, I have a feeling you were looking in the mirror with your keyboard when you wrote this. You come across all high and mighty as if you started off at the very top. Your attitude stinks and instead of trying to help would be composers, you come across all insecure; as if these indie composers are going to steal your thunder (what little you have) I know I have no chance of making it in the industry, but I like what i do, and if someone else likes it too and asks me to be a part of their game,( which is happening quite frequently) then that's good enough for me. I can envisage a vein
  4. I'll take Geno's Theme: Geno Awakens, if its still available? Mark.
  5. I feel a baseline coming in at the 20 second mark, followed by a saxophone? Very nice so far. Mark.
  6. I'd like to do the Dr. N. Tropy theme if its still available?
  7. I don't usually stick around for tracks this long and ones that build up slowly as it does. But this one had be intrigued, so I stayed and I'm glad I did, as it allows you to take a ten minute break from chaos and just relax for a while. Thanks for sharing that. Mark.
  8. I really like what you have got here and it has huge potential. One thing I would suggest is to work on the mix a little as everything sounds like it is coming straight down the middle and at the same volume. A little panning can help with this, and choose an instrument you want to stand out and work around that. Best Mark.
  9. .......................
  10. Pretty enjoyable piece. Very relaxing. Nice change at the three minute mark. Really liked the instruments used in this. Mark.
  11. Sorry, and thanks. Silly me, now added.
  12. Hi, soundcloud is saying it cannot find that song? Do you have another link? Mark
  13. Good Evening Everyone. Here is a labour of love (and hate), that i have been struggling with for the last few months. I came across this video on the discovery channel and really liked it, so I set out to compose some music to it, but it was a lot harder than i first envisioned. I uploaded it to YouTube a couple of months ago thinking it was finished, but there is something missing that I am not happy with, but I can't put my finger on it. I would really love to hear any comments or suggestions on how to improve this as i want to try and get it right. Thanks Mark.
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