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  1. As much as I love this track in its entirety, its not something I'd want coming when playing my library through in shuffle mode while my family is visiting.
  2. The whole album is great, but I noticed there were quite a few small errors in the lyrics for the track "junkie". "the main ti-tle is good to the core" should be... "that game is good down to the core" "a-nd ma-ri-oh is su-per cool" should be... "su-per ma-ri-oh is su-per cool "this song would'nt be so ac-cursed" should be... "this song wouldn't be so ac-cursed" ...And a few other small things.
  3. Loving this track. The concept of Mario just humming this song to himself while stuck in traffic just makes me laugh to myself. Though, on repeated listenings, the intro is just a bit lengthy. Makes it hard to just listen to if I have my music library on shuffle. Either way, a very unique track that put a big smile on my face.
  4. All too often when mixes try to change things up so dramatically, the end product ends up favoring originality over a mix you can casually listen to. This mix hit a near perfect balance. Jet Set Mario really is a perfect description. My only complaint would be the voice clip used to finish off the song. Aside from that, amazing mix!
  5. Have you considered uploading "THE BEST 2 Minutes 14 Seconds OF YOUR LIFE" as a standalone track to OCRemix?

  6. While this mix really isn't anything TOO special, its pretty nice to listen to. Seems like the kind of mix you'd like to listen to once, but not the kind of thing you'd put in your music collection. Give it at least a listen before you dismiss it. Its nice for what it is.
  7. I really freaking love this remix. Its Danny Baranowsky + Big Giant Circles. How can it not rule? But... I just can't get into the dubstep breakdown halfway through the mix. Its not BAD by any stretch of the imagination. Its just not for me. Which is a shame for me, because I really do want to love this remix, but its something I cannot look past. Still, amazing remixing as usual.
  8. It was pointed out in the comments that the MP3 for Xenogears 'Pillar of Salt', Remix #1225, had an audio skip at the 3:57-3:58 mark. This issue was pointed out back in December of last year, and it seems that the mix still has that same audio bug. Any update on when this will be fixed on the site?
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