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  1. Hakxto/Sixštok? Yes please! Glad to finally see this posted. I was hooked from the "first" DoD submission, but this version is clearer. It pays to persevere. It also introduced me to Gradius music. I was never a fan of "Shoot 'em up" games. I'm sure I've missed out on many musical gems like this, but at least I can cross this one off the hypothetical list. Thanks!
  2. Exactly this. Very pretty, but I can already hear OCR judges commenting on the mechanicalness of the harp part. I also feel the second part could use some oomph. I like what I'm imagining when I hear the tolling bell and the "aahs", but my ears want a more powerful choir and perhaps the slow, solemn bell that does not simply "dings" once or twice, but alternates with "dongs" as a way to build up tension. Just an idea.
  3. This. Can't get enough. Play count is over 9000!! (ok maybe not, but it's good, trust me). I showed it to a friend of mine who generally isn't as much into video game remixes as I am, and he was very much impressed by the (in his words) "Santana-like guitar" and "tasteful piano" bits. Awesome!
  4. "Just rest; I'll hold you till the very end. I promise." Emotion overload! I remember getting teary-eyed at the end of the game. It didn't even help that I had played the first game before, so I should have known how it would end. I think this line is perfect. What a great way to epitomize such a tragically epic ending. I love this song. I've been listening to it ever since it was posted on OCRemix. The fadeout is rather abrupt, but I don't mind that it is a fadeout. In fact, I think it works really great given the title of the song. It seems to contradict itself, like an oxymoron. If this was the intention behind it, then hats off to the poet that you are. The very end never really ends. We are the ones fading away.
  5. Someone told RoeTaka to remix Dark Souls, but he blew my mind instead... dayum!
  6. Q*bert (video game grandpas need love too) Banjo & Kazooie Quote
  7. Needs more Radical Dreamers 'Ending ~ Le Trésor Interdit' (link). The OST is already perfect in my opinion aside for the SNES sound quality. I believe 'Dreaming' by Kaijin is a most excellent remix of this song that still fits perfectly in a wedding ceremony. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00892/ Also 'Le Trésor Interdit' from the Thieves of Fate album, even though it's not on OCRemix (link).
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