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  1. Yes, the arachnid thing was annoying as hell. But the other day I picked up my GBA and started playing Fusion again, and beat it third try. My other play throughs, it always took me forever. The SA-X, which I thought was hard, turned out to be pretty easy this time, and I actually beat the game. I probably have already answered before, back when I was active in the forums, but I'll do it again. The hardest boss I've fought is probably Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts.
  2. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! I was slightly confused, because I had just downloaded the torrent and found this in my playlist. Not knowing what to expect, I hit play. At 0:15, I burst out laughing and continued for quite a while . I never expected these two melodies mentioned in the same sentence, much less the same remix. I love the live instruments, especially the acoustic guitar. The main melodies of SMW are blended flawlessly with Sleigh Ride. A definite must download. Play it for your family at Christmas and see who can recognize the tune!
  3. Wow. I've been waiting for someone to remix this song for the longest time, and this mix is great.
  4. Exactly what themes are in there? I recognize Aeris' Theme, eyes on me, and the continue music at the end, but the two others are driving me crazy. Please help!
  5. I love it! I play piano and really appreciate the style and the work that went into mapping the chords and stuff. Great!
  6. This piece is great! I love the chord progression. I definitely think anyone should download it.
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