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  1. I was instantly taken back to playing this game for the first time. This is a great remix with some nice nice retro feel to it.
  2. I was thinking to myself the other day that I have so many Sonic, MegaMan, and even DK, albums that I was sad there was no Mario Brothers album. Then my joy this morning to see this dropped! I have listened to it only a few (like 9) times. I love every track on it! Each one was obviously crafted with much care. Thank you to all the artists who put in so much work, it is a gift well received!
  3. I know that I am coming late to the party on commenting here, but WOW. Easily my favorite One winged angel remix. I have to say the amazing thing for me is that the song builds and progresses with very wonderful transitions. Even starting off with the source for the intro did a great job establishing the song. Even throwing in them in later was a great subtle callback. This is a great way to show how different composers can work together to create a cohesive and amazing monster!
  4. Seriously, I enjoy your mix so much. I get the NIN feel you were aiming for, that was an excellent choice. There is really nothing negative I can think to say about it. Excellent work!

  5. Does Corruption [Metallic Madness US] make anyone else think of an awesome 80's B movie soundtrack? Every time it comes up (which is frequently) I think of They Live or Escape from New York. I love it! That intro with the fat bass is what gets me in a great listening mood every time. It also has a few parts (near the 3:00 area) that has some sounds similar to one, or both, of the Doom CD's OCR put out years ago. Especially around 3:24.
  6. Wonderful piece. I have not heard the source, but I love the down tempo. The speed with the combination of orchestra give it a very cinematic feel. The judicious use of electronic sounds really gives the feeling that we are listening to something that belongs in the game's universe, as opposed to just on a screen. Amazing work!
  7. Hey there guys and gals, I was really hoping that anyone would be able to do some awesome remixes of any of the Shadow Warrior tracks. Personally I love the main theme, but I am just hoping someone with more skill than me would find the game in need of some love. Thanks all!
  8. I have been listening to OC remix for a decade now, and this album is probably THE best collection you've put out. Track one really sold me on the whole thing. Thank you all for this amazing beast!
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