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  1. I think the difference would be playing a game depicting war events and battles verses playing a game being Heinrich Himmler going around to each of the concentration camps operating the gas chambers to kill of the Jews. While I feel that there doesn't need to be as much violence in video games as there is, you can't quite put medal of honor and Super Columbine Massacre or whatever it is called on the same level. By the way, I have not played the said Columbine Massacre game.
  2. From what I read, it seemed as though he was walking around on campus, when he heard a burst of shots. At that point he pulled out his phone to record the rest of what he could.
  3. I believe The Orichalcon was wondering how this guy was taken down. The New York Times reported: "According to a federal law enforcement official, the gunman did not have identification and could not be easily identified visually because of the severity of an apparently self-inflicted wound to the head. He said investigators were trying to trace purchase records for two handguns found near the body." It would appear that he killed himself. This whole ordeal sucks. I also want to comment about this community. While I've never really played a huge role in it, I do visit here often. It never ceases to amaze me how many people care about something like this when it happens. I can't remember who it was or where it happened, but I recall that some kind of chemical plant had an explosion that affected the whole town. One of the members here had a gymnastics gym that was near the origin of the explosion. I just recall how so many people reached out to offer there condolences. Same with this situation. It really shows that despite the incredibly terrible and inhumane things some people do, there are still so many other people out there who care deeply about life and its value and what is right and wrong in this world.
  4. People who do these sorts of things are past normal rationality. They perhaps try to justify it that everyone their whole lives have put them down. Or perhaps they thought they saw an angel who told them to massacre people at the school. Or maybe, and this one really makes me sick to think about, they thought it would be fun. Whatever the person was thinking, it wasn't sane. And when a person is insane, anything can go. Edit: By anything can go, I mean anything goes in that persons world.
  5. Let me preface by saying that the price you are paying is truly a good deal on this particular four year old used car. With that in mind, some things you may want to take in to consideration. There have been reports that the sealant for the paint on the car has problems. People have reported their paint peeling off after just a couple of years. Apparently, whatever Ford used as a sealant was sub-grade. However, this problem could be conditional to a given climate or temperature range of the place you live. Also, there have been reports of something going bad with the ABS system on the car. This seems to have been less of a problem than the paint. However, the complaints that were given mentioned having to replace a component several times. It was mentioned that the component was manufactured by Bosch, so perhaps the same component of a different manufacturer will get rid of the problem altogether. On the flip side, the Mustang may not accept components from other manufacturers. In the end, either you will get a car with the problem, or you won't. Just some things to take into consideration before making the purchase.
  6. Every time I wear my jersey, I hope to at the very least meet someone who knows what the shirt is talking about. Never have I had any luck, nor have I seen anyone else sportin' their OCR pride.
  7. ...and no bastards there to ruin it... Ohh, those will always exist in community based websites.
  8. Interesting art interpretation or Super Mario Bros. I like. Also, the fan art of Samus is amazing.
  9. This is a pointless post I suppose, but this has to be one of the coolest threads I've seen. I really enjoyed the fun machine music that was mentioned. Thank you for the creation (or re-creation) of this thread.
  10. Has to be McDonald's Kids. I think that is the name of the game. Maybe.
  11. Very enjoyable mix. One thing that I really enjoyed is at the beginning the melody is being played with a harmony set at a fifth. I was expecting this to be the same at the end when the theme restated itself, but instead it was replaced by a much more prominent (string?) sound with no harmonization. Very skillfully executed. Thank you for submitting it.
  12. I agree, the song does evoke emotion, however perhaps around the 2:00 mark of the song the dynamics could have been more. Other than that, very well arranged. Perhaps one day when I am bored I'll transcribe the whole thing so I can have the sheet music. Great mix. Thank you Disturbed for your work.
  13. Thank you for the transition at 3:30. It keeps the track alive. The instrumentation choice on this song is wonderful. Sorry if I am not giving props where they are due, but if you are the first to use the harpsichord, very original choice. Perhaps a few more bpm faster would have given the song a bit more umph. Anyway, wow, awesome, very simplistic remix. Thank you McVaffe.
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