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  1. Well I imagine that's not the case, and what if there is more to it? I'm just saying I personally didn't understand that plot point, and I wish it was explained. I don't need 3 prequels of explanation of how Finn got to become Finn but for me, I felt that it was random. I actually would have preferred if there was no backstory at all; for example in A New Hope Han Solo is just a guy, a badass. There's no mystery to him and I like that. It just kind of peeved me how despite being conditioned to be a Storm Trooper, presumably his whole life, he just doesn't want to do it anymore. That
  2. If I have to accept that his origin story was bland for me, then that's what I'll have to do. BUT, for now, I don't want to do that. I just realized the parallel of Kylo Ren, being born from two 'good guys,' raised by good guys but ends up becoming bad, with Finn, who was raised, molded, conditioned by 'bad guys' but ends up becoming good. We know more about the history of Kylo Ren but we know very little about Finn's history, other than he was first a baby and then a Storm Trooper. It's entirely possible that they won't come back to it again, and I'm thinking too much about it, and I'll j
  3. Yes that's fair. I knew he was a human; my assumption just made it feel random to me. I guess the logical question for me is "what makes him so special?" and I hope they answer that in the sequel, or at least they show others like him in some capacity. I think Neblix is joking, no? Is it possible to quote a response to another quote and still keep the original response quote intact? Quotception. TM
  4. I didn't really enjoy it, although after I saw it I can't stop thinking/reading about it and I want to see it again, just to form a more definitive opinion. The bad: Most of my issues come from randomness and awkwardness. Finn randomly wanted to stop being a Storm Trooper. Why? and why is he the only one? If more people end up doing that, fine, but for now he's the only one we're aware of. If they took him when he was a baby and he's been surrounded by Storm Troopers and that's all he's known his whole life, I don't understand why all of a sudden he would want out. I thought Poe an
  5. I enjoyed Gravity. It was exciting and thrilling and I generally enjoy disaster movie elements. Probably 4/5 stars. You know, I didn't enjoy Interstellar--the 1st time around. I thought it was slow, long, boring, and I didn't understand Matt Damon's character or acting. His acting felt off and weird, kind of random. The whole movie was confusing and pretty blah. BUT--after I watched it, I thought about the film a lot, and that's usually what Nolan's films do to me. They leave me in a thought-provoking state. And the 2nd time I watched it, I loved it. I watched most of it on my phone
  6. I am excited for this. I'm at work so I couldn't read all of the previous posts, sorry if I'm repeating. At the Distant World concerts, I want to say that Nobuo Uematsu arranged the music, but I'm not super certain on that. I know that doesn't necessarily mean that concert arrangements would translate perfectly as game arrangements, but I'd trust Uematsu could make it work. I hope they get him for this. I saw a few seconds of the trailer and I'm excited for it. I have to start saving now for a PS4 sigh. I agree with the post about Advent Children voice actors, I thought they were amazin
  7. My wife and I had 0 interest in watching this movie, possibly negative interest. We were not attracted by the billboards nor the trailers. I was just impressed and intrigued by the 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and I figured I wanted to see what all the fuss was about this "explosions in the desert" film, and I wanted to see it at least once in the theater. Even when we bought tickets, I wasn't excited to see it at all; I wanted to get it over with like ripping off a band-aid. But we ending up really, really loving it. Spoilers. I haven't seen any of the prior films. I thought the beg
  8. I marched snare for 3 years in high school. I still practice on a pad for fun. Gotta keep those chops up. I know people say you should not have regrets in life, but I was just thinking the other day that I regret not continuing it. I auditioned once for a college drumline, didn't get in, but that was the end of it. I didn't even try to get into other drumlines or drum corps after that. So now I feel like an old man with only high school level chops. doh. I probably couldn't be much help because I've never played bass, nor have I ever taught or written for bass lines. I imagine as par
  9. I am not familiar with the source material at all, but I couldn't even get thru the trailer. My memory is fuzzy but "let's record her singing, put it up on youtube, get millions of hits, now all of a sudden the 'top producer' wants to sign us' " or something like that, all seems very horrible to me. I try to have an open mind when I can, but I already vehemently do not want to see this. Vehemently, I say. Vehemently.
  10. ... or like a crossover where it starts off as a Star Fox flight simulation ride, but then your ship breaks down, so Link comes along to help and you continue the adventure in the world of Skyward Sword, because why not. Donkey Kong Mine Cart roller coaster. Ooh now that MindWanderer mentioned Super Mario Galaxy, a ride that simulates low gravity. And then crossover with Metroid.
  11. This headline made my eyes widen. Star Fox Tours would be amazing. I'm a sucker for dark rides, even as an adult. They semi-recently renovated the Alice in Wonderland ride at Disneyland, and people have been loving it. It's a happy marriage between practical audio-animatronic effects as well as projected animations; it's really well done and I could totally picture this in the Mario World. Maybe the ride vehicle could be Yoshi somehow? Pipes w/the flowers going up and down, Bowser at the end, I think it would be cool for children and adults to enjoy. A similar concept could be done in
  12. This was my entry for PRC288. It is a remix of two sources from FF8: Waltz for the Moon and Lunatic Pandora. Gravitational Pull of Absurdity
  13. Here is my entry from OHC331. Silent Shatter
  14. I unintentionally set this as my alarm recently: It's pretty peaceful to wake up to. But I don't use it as my regular alarm; I wouldn't get up from bed from it. I think I need something harsher to 'help' me wake up.
  15. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I watched this video prior to making this track, that's why the panning is weird. Soooo basically I did what's in the video; I duplicated my final track, twice, so there's three tracks total. One is centered, one is panned left, one is panned right. I duplicated the WHOLE track, drums and all. I've since stopped doing that, and I don't include the drums when I duplicate/pan. I don't know if it's a good trick but the video seemed cool so I tried it. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement . I've been trying to work on arrangement , or at lea
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