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  1. Barely any time blah blah unfinished by a wide margin blah blah uploading anyway because something's better than nothing.
  2. GrapplingHook - Faster than Light Bounce Too High (Vanishing Gungaroo in Palace Ground [X]) Rolling (Frost Walrus in Palace Ground [X]) Electric Moves & Cephalopod Grooves (Volt Kraken in Palace Ground [X])
  3. Well we all seem to be pretty indifferent to the name, so I'm just gonna go ahead and punch us in as "Faster than Light"
  4. No worries here, guys. If two more show, cool. If not, also cool.
  5. Well alrighty then. Nuts, I guess you and me and whoever walks into the topic next are gonna have a go.
  6. The X series is and always has been way up at the top, the unquestionable leader of the pack when it comes to "games what make me have the fun" and the music is no small part of that. But my flakiness with regards to compos around here is a problem. I just never find the time, and maybe that's an excuse because I'm bad at time management and if I REALLY cared I could. Or maybe I couldn't! Who knows?! I've tried entering a listy, brackety compo or two before. I never completed a track. I've taken a very low-key, very tentative, "y'know IF there's an open slot I guess I could join but I don't want to be a flakey, sucky bother..." and it turned out I was a flaky, sucky bother whose slot in the compo went to waste. On top of that, when I sent in whatever I DID have (nowhere near done, barely a WIP by a very generous definition) I didn't properly name the file! I'm bad at this! All that nonsense up there is trying to say is YES I WANT TO DO THIS, but... can I really be trusted to actually contribute? And to do it properly? The answer to the first question is maybe. The answer to the second is yes. If you'll have me, I'll go with this: Gravity Beetle (X3) Spark Mandrill (X1) Flame Mammoth (X1) Armored Armadillo (X1) Boomer Kuwanger (X1) If not, no hard feelings. If there's a situation where the roster is looking pretty full and cutting one out would make everything cleaner/smoother, don't feel bad about letting me go.
  7. No joke, the Mario and Luigi source is a favorite of mine that I have just been itching to do something to. I don't have any ideas right now, but maybe a compo will give me an excuse to think about it for a while and come up with something...
  8. Well, with singles running first, that gives the doubles teams some time to coordinate/plan how they're going to go, which is nice. Speaking of... I'm using Reaper. So... yeah. If we want, we can just pass WAV stems for the different tracks around, or maybe even MIDIs if we're not that concerned about automation, but if push comes to shove I'm sure I can get FL studio.
  9. I like Spectre Knight well enough to pick it. I DO love the Tinker Knight theme, but a lot of my draft was set up for minimal conflict and everybody wanted Spectre, so I skipped it. You can go ahead and put us down for pretty much anything, so long as it DOES include Tinker and DOES NOT include Treasure. I'll have limited availability this weekend, so I may not respond quick/at all until Tuesday, but go ahead and speak on our behalf until then.
  10. Awwww shiiiiiit, I would LOVE to do this, but the last time I entered a bracketed compo I wound up falling out with a half-done, improperly labelled track due to a lack of time. I'd hate to bump someone else out just to end up doing that again, so I'm reluctant to enter just yet... but if the deadline draws near and there's still room I'm totally game. Singles or doubles, I don't even care. I guess a slight preference for singles? Can I get entered at, like, a low priority or something? Put me on the list unless/until it's full, then bump me in favor of the next guy? If not, I'll just enter anyway and try to reserve some extra hours for this and hope nothing goes wrong. 1. TINKER KNIGHT 2. Mole Knight 3. Propeller Knight 4. King Knight
  11. Bah, I am OUT tomorrow and out of time in general. Throwing it in as-is.
  12. A submission I'm not happy with is better than no submission. Bleh.
  13. Great job, everybody! Glad to see a good turnout for a source near and dear to me, and happy to get some excellent results. Vote'd
  14. Seems like it's borked up somehow. I shrug in that general direction and point to an alternate I just threw over here http://tindeck.com/listen/bnxi I leave it up to HoboKa to decide what to do from here. (EDIT: the file uploaded there is identical to the one I submitted to ThaSauce)
  15. There ya go. I actually was going to go in on this round, but couldn't find the time. We'll see if I can't make it for the next.
  16. That's actually something I have interest in, but little idea where to pick it up. I've seen some isolated "here's how to do this very small bit here" stuff, but nothing about what all the ingredients are. And I've tried following three different tutorials, but I cannot for the life of me get the "eurobeat lead" sound. You're definitely on the right track.
  17. Got one in. It works on me and I made it. Let's see if I'm just a sissy or if it actually does the job.
  18. Man, no entry rounds make me super sad. I have a laughably unfinished thing I might submit when there are less than six hours to go (can't cut it much closer than that because I won't be home) if nobody else has sent one in.
  19. Welp, I think [qualitative remark redacted] and [qualitative remark redacted], but it didn't look like anyone else was gonna submit and I couldn't let a MM song go undone.
  20. I was trying something pretty boring (when pretty much all you've done is MnP, arranging more liberally is foreign) a few days ago, but haven't picked it back up. Might finish it tonight.
  21. Hello! And thanks! I'm still pretty new to this whole music thing, what with the not playing any instruments or having any proper education or even getting started long enough ago to have experience, so tutorial links are more than welcome. Unfortunately for that one, the example mp3s are no longer found where the links point. When you talk about the piano, there are two different things you could mean, and I don't want to assume I know which one you're referencing since I don't have too much of an ear yet and can't trust that I am or am not hearing right. Do you mean the lower, harsh bass piano or the higher, softer one? To my ear, it's the lower one that's less human. I have already done some velocity work (but pretty much no fine timing adjustment) on the soft piano and the strings. The other piano velocities could be tweaked, and timing could certainly use some work all around, but if it's the higher piano that's not doing it then I could go back and push the velocities around more. The intro is probably going to wind up scrapped, arrangement-wise. I'm (reasonably) happy with the basic structure of the repeating bits (refrain? chorus? some sort of music word...), the piano interlude, the build back into repeating, and the ending, but the intro and the transition to solo piano are... suboptimal. So you're right to question the intro as-is. I had to muck around a lot to get the coarse timing I wanted instead of leaving it be and I'm still not entirely pleased with it. And back to the two pianos, which one (if not both) do you think are low quality samples? If the lower one, I can try to fix that up. The base sample doesn't sound quite like that - I just moved a lot of knobs around to give it the "hard" edge I wanted, and it's probably doable without a loss of quality. Again, thanks.
  22. Well then. Here's a thing what I did: http://tindeck.com/listen/gahg And one of the first youtube results for the source: The first night I was working on it, I got super excited and started to think it was really, really good. Then, as time passed, I started to like it less and less. So let's see whether I've just heard it too many times or it's legitimately bad (or good) [or whatever].
  23. Well. I fell out of that other compo due to a lack of time, and then I didn't do this last time either! But now! Now my free time seems to have come back. Let's see if it lasts. Had fun with this one.
  24. We didn't get to the melody because this was incredibly unfinished. I was gonna have Locke's theme come in piece by piece, going from highly distorted to very clear, which would "energize" Lenna's theme and there'd be some back and forth before they melded toward the end. Even if I'd had the time, I'm not sure I could've done it, but there you go. The part that exists is scraps of Lenna's theme trying to surface and being unable, and the very beginning of distorted Locke popping in.
  25. Toss up that's a bit hard to call, because I played/heard them all around the same time. Either Donkey Kong Country, Mega Man X, or Sonic & Knuckles when their respective consoles were getting cheaper and my poor friends and I started to have access to them. X had a sound test, and I very clearly remember being upset that X 2 didn't.
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