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    i really love a lot of this site's content and source material.
    i ineptly fiddle with trackers and i used to play the trombone.
    i may actually submit something one day if I get the motivation to practice
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  1. http://www.doulifee.com/Storage/OC_Removed/is parked. Is there any other mirror of this archive?
  2. Remember that video of a horse-masked man cooking mushrooms while Dancing Mad plays? Yeah. This is interesting side to side with Magicite Made My Mind Melt. I would've liked even more variation in the effects and harmonics, though it's great how this never loses its momentum, but remains in constant flow.
  3. I honestly think this aged pretty well. The arrangement does a good job of emphasizing the dynamics of the source material, adds some nice rhythmic stuff (I love how the bass goes in and out) and the intro/outro and transitions between tracks are good. The samples are tinny, but their style is well-chosen, and I like the reverb too.
  4. A very sterile sound. The instrumentation reminds me of Boards of Canada, but whereas their music is like small respites or vaults in a strange incomprehensible world, this song is like someone polished that world into a finite mathematical shape and left it hanging in chilly stasis.
  5. I can't get enough of this. The steady syncopated beat and the leads morphing in and out convey the image of someone frantically blazing through a structure, navigating complex passages and staying in motion, facing opposition confidently but bracing for a greater threat. Very fitting for a Doom game. At the same time, the soft synths and recurring patterns make it a comfortable listen.
  6. This is so satisfying. All the little breaks in the rhythm, the buildups and the way the knocking keeps desynthing and readjusting keep me mesmerized all the way through. I looped this for about an hour when I had first downloaded it, and that's something I very rarely do.
  7. I assumed this thread was going to be something like "Every Flexstyle VGM remix ever in one song", which sounds pretty hard to do given Flexstyle's stylistic flexibility.
  8. I hear Ali Farka Touré and some Death Note in this, an interesting combination with the distorted guitars. The intro makes the rest a lot more hypnotic than it would be on its own. Very evocative - it feels very heavy, yet the percussion causes a bit of a floaty sensation.
  9. Incredible. This feels like a sister remix to "Green Amnesia" - excellent tunes for melancholy night driving. The echoing texture is just beautiful, reminiscent of the non-nightmarish parts of the forest music in Xenogears, and also CotMM's works. Strangely enough, I expected a bit of "Higher Than Can Be Carried By Wings" from Wild Arms 3 at about 1:48
  10. The poor little brass sample sounds like it's just not cut out for the job and severely clashes with the awe-inspring rest, but for me, that effect actually adds something. The rest stays incredibly solemn, maybe even spiritual, while you can clearly tell that that goofy bleat is doing its best, and it actually manages to get closer to the other elements towards the end. It's probably not even meant to be humorous, but I'm amazed by the uniqueness of a comedic element fitting into a very serious track without diminishing either aspect (the closest things I can think of would probably be some Earthbound mixes and Mak Eightman's Skull-Head). I just listened to this for the first time and I can tell that it's going to be a favourite.
  11. I like the use of the first sample and the rhythmic structure, though the melody seems to just kind of fall asleep in the middle. The ending, on the other hand, really strikes my fancy again.
  12. I only saw this now, but here's a belated thank you for wishing me a happy birthday.

  13. I love the balance between pure energy, the bleak determination conveyed by the marching rhythm and the vague silliness of those "blah blah-blah!" samples. The mallets are a good logical implementation of sounds used in the SNES original.
  14. I'm impressed by this track never losing its momentum or feeling stale even though the the main melody and beat hardly change. This sounds like a "Black Wing Metamorphosis"-tier mega-collab - if I were to guess who made this track, my answer would be something like "Danny Baranowsky, Benjamin Briggs, Phonetic Hero, DaMonz, Trainbeat" (and a collab between you and any of these people would turn out amazing). Good stuff.
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