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  1. Definitely some freaky stuff. Especially the computer crashing effect. I about hit reset, then i noticed Winamp's bar was still moving. (DJP, don't warn anyone about that in your write up. It's a much cooler mind fuck when you don't know it's coming. ^^) Anyway, I gotta say that, overall, this type of music really isn't my cup of tea. But I'm here to judge based on quality, not my personal musical tastes. And this is really a quality mix. Don't really have much to say, so I'm just gonna end with this: My vote is definite yes.
  2. Sorry, but there is almost nothing of interest going on here. Drums get annoying fast. Melody is too repetitive, and without any harmony to back it up, the mix sounds extremely flat. The part around 2:00 actually works a little. not enough to save the mix, but a little. If the entire mix was more along those lines, I would say yes, but for now yer getting a 'No' from me.
  3. Overall, nice mix. I'm a sucker for combining orchestral and techno instruments, which can sound very cool when done right. And I think you did it almost right. A few comments, though: - The strings come in much too abruptly at the beginning. Try building up to them more. - A little more ephasis on the drums would be nice. They're there, but barely. - The transitions and the ending are pretty questionable, but they work... sort of. - I would suggest adding a tad more reverb, as the mix sounds pretty dry as it is. So there you have it. A 'yes' on this one.
  4. Well, letsee.... Voice sample is a tad overused. Drums could use some changing around instead of repeating the same loop. Same goes for the lead - try changing the lead instrument in the song at least once to add some variation to it. Also, I noticed some wrong notes. And the ending sounds like it cuts off. Despite those problems, though, I found this a very fun listen, and overall an enjoyable remix. My vote: Yes.
  5. OK, for a minimalist style, I would say this comes close, but it's not quite there. It's cleaver, it's catchy, but there's still something wrong with it. What's that? Unity. Especially near the beginning of the song, it goes through several shifts without any unifying element to tie it together (except for, in some instances, a common theme). There aren't even any transitions to speak of. I also noticed some notes clashing in the section around 0:40 - just a quick observation. And, as others have mentioned, it needs a little more to spice it up. I would try adding some harmony - my observation is that all the parts play pretty much the same notes, just at different octaves. I'm really debating what to give this, as it's almost there. But, it could use just a little more work. So, my vote's "no".
  6. Can't access the link. Stupid Angelfire....
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