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  1. tight guitar work sir Mix balance ain't too shabby either
  2. the lead guitar work could use a little more meat in the upper registers to help it cut through, that and some EQ to carve out a little more space for it so it can sing unencumbered
  3. my system consists of a Zoom R16 stand alone 16 track recorder/mixer/interface and a random sampling of the MXL offerings 990's v63m's v250 and a 991 I've never had any of them flake out on me, The V250 is interesting in that I got it on sale for something like $35 USD and it seems to be the best out of all of them when micing a cab. MXL might not be as prestigious as a Neuman, but they certainly don't have it wrong by any means.
  4. Hi, I'm Tony and .. I'm an alcho...... Oh wait ... wrong room:) anywho ... since the admin took the time to approve me, It's only right I give them the opportunity to regret it. I'm a guitarist in a Catholic church, which means I really need a venue to use those skills I just cannot get away with on any given Sunday.
  5. Well, the level of satisfaction is a bit relative. The first one your overjoyed if a sound comes out of it at all. Later on, when you get a serious case of tube love, you start to encounter the nuances of the setup where you trade between desirable traits. it's a bit frustrating until you plug in the following day with fresh ears and deem it properly epic. But this gets a little off the OPs topic of a pot full of fungus;-)
  6. Don't take me the wrong way. I always think in terms of the worst case. It saves on devastating disappointments in the long run. I brought up the topic out of years of experience with how various parts fail. With pots and switches, it's either contamination or oxidation. Contamination can usually be made right by compressed air, sometimes even wd40 in severe cases like the component was soaked in yogurt. oxidation related failures ... embrace the peace of mind of replacement.
  7. I don't see how we guitarists can survive without a little basic knowledge of electronics. Soldering is a good skill to learn and swapping pots switches and PU's isn't something to be afraid of. But then I build my amps so I may be slightly biased from my point of view.
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