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  1. "We'll make deals. We'll have the best deals, won't we? Our leadership is -- hey, our leaders are stupid, and incompetent, and they make bad deals. We'll make good deals."

  2. I am sorry for the treatment you got in your recruitment thread. Not everyone on the site is like that. It seems like the site doesn't support the type of game you're trying to make, despite it basically looking like mega man but without clothes. :P Hope this experience hasn't pushed you away from OCR. 

  3. Drum libraries need pillow control. I want to be able to control how much of the pillow is in the kick drum, and how heavy the pillow is. Also drum libraries need raw recordings instead of processed stuff.

  4. Using coupon codes such as those for Musician's Friend is a really great boon for bigger purchases. Keep an eye out for those in your email. 

  5. #MakeOCReMixGreatAgain

  6. You ought to play Bloodborne! And your response better not be some excuse

    1. Nabeel Ansari

      Nabeel Ansari

      too busy gitting gud

  7. I found something for you to remix

    Light of Nabeel

    1. Nabeel Ansari

      Nabeel Ansari

      This is actually my favorite OST...

  8. Are you still planning on doing FF3? :) 

  9. The most important thing you can do for the future strength of OCR is give positive re-enforcement to new artists, especially those with seemingly endless enthusiasm.

  10. Did I get bad at making remixes? Is that why I don't have anything to be posted now?

  11. There may not be much from me for a while.. the 2 songs I have on the to be judged list from before May are, I think, everything up until late 2015..a whole year of nothing...that will be reflected on the site

  12. What did I get for Christmas.... a renewed sense of self-worth... a feeling of accomplishment after the most difficult year of my life.. look back, working full time and overtime every pay. A lot less free time but a more accomplished adulthood. And Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless RF Headphone, Black

  13. This is cool. It's like a personal facebook profile in your OCR profile. I can only hope people choose to use this. It even seems very similar to twitter. If you click on "Activity" there's probably a filter to have a sort of news feed of people's updates... Really cool, will have to post stuff that is less stupid, and maybe some helpful info in the future. Still waiting for OCR Blogs though. 

  14. Do you believe in magic? In a young man's DAW

  15. 1 month is a more than fair turn around for a remix or nah?

  16. Hi, can you please add TeraCMusic to FF3 subforum? There's probably more people to add but I forget who is on and who isn't

  17. Hey! Your 2 FF3 mixes are great! Have you subbed them or what?

    1. Rockos


      I got the first one rejected a while ago. I want to perfect those track. Also I'm not sure about the 4th one. I'm still brainstorming and life got over music. I'm trying to reverse the vapor. So I'll clear up those 2 tracks that got flaws. Thanks Brandon for caring.

    2. Brandon Strader

      Brandon Strader

      Sorry for not caring more :-) It was great to hear from you!

  18. I don't know if anyone actually sees this, but a HUGE APOLOGY to everyone waiting on me to finish a song

    1. timaeus222


      Gracias Senor Strader. =)

    2. Brandon Strader

      Brandon Strader

      Are you waiting on me too?? Or is that for PvZ? They're coming one of these days!

  19. Testing out my new DJP Mixpost Writer app... *clicks generate*... "The machine gun drums lend myriad gravitas. Acoustic guitar juxtaposes death chugs and gravely vocals for a strong, creative performance."

  20. change display name to bestrader

  21. most of the time i'm just spacing out. doing absolutely nothing, and i wouldn't have it any other way. i bet since i started working here i haven't done a single day of real, actual work

  22. Hi. What's the policy for E3 2015 this year? Was wondering if you guys would switch things up a bit and make a stickied E3 2015 Megathread, at least while the event is going on, then unsticky it, or if the policy this year is to make many separate game-specific threads?

    1. DarkeSword


      Game specific threads, as always.

  23. i find your lack of fayth disturbing

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