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  1. https://youtu.be/1Bnz6yZf67g I've got so many alternatives for this year's Halloween remix. I'm not sure why I didn't write one of all those, the Twisted Mansion just called out to me in the last minute. And since I love Mario Kart games and all of the soundtracks from them I just couldn't resist making. The original first seemed messy and unstructured, but when I really started to listen to it my first impression was the complexity of harmonics and layered melodies. But it all winded up pretty darn genious when I got a bit into it. I felt it was a challenge, and at the same time very joyful to write it down and make my own interpretation. The most time consuming part ion making Twisted Mansion was the instrumentation and modification of all instruments. As you can hear there are several instruments I never used before, like the first classic spooky melody, the female choir, pizzicato strings, staccato strings and not least the pipe organ. When I use new instruments I need to set them up pretty thoughroly to make them fit in the total soundscape as to speak. Much tweaking with equalizers, attack, delay, sustain and release. At the end, it felt really great to be on time with this Halloween remix, because I really thought I would be awfully late xD So what saved me... yeah I got THE WORST MANCOLD, as usual at this time of the year when my kids started school and so. I got to rest at home, and dedicated many hours into making this remix, it was worth it! I hope this get you in the mood for Halloween! I won't go into how I build it up and commenting on sections this time, I'm just gonna let you listen and discover things for yourself. Take care folks, it would be the world to me if you listened and shared this with friends! Thank you so much ❤️ /Neon X
  2. https://youtu.be/DiNE7keAT_E Finally finished this banger track! First of all, thank you for your patience, I know it goes too long between releases right now. I think that will be changed anytime soon since I'm off my current workplace by the end of october. And that also reminds me of that this year's Halloween remix will be a late one I'm afraid. Sewer Surfin' was not quite planned to create at this time, but when I listened to it a couple of times I came into the right mood and got very inspired by it's high pace and rock n' roll sound. I really hope I managed to capture all that, at least I tried, along with keeping the original parts close to the actual original. I must say, it was a lot of fun and developing taking this one on. Learned some new stuff in my DAW and also further developed some of my standard instruments used in my remixes. Thank you all for listening! /Neon X
  3. https://youtu.be/q3skfM-cH9Y A game I almost forgot until a couple of years was Little Nemo Dream Master. The first stage, Mushroom Forest, had such an unforgetable theme and it brings back both feelings and memories I also think it has this melancholic amtosphere which I believe comes from the harmony in the chords that's used. Another thing I loved with this stage was the big mushrooms and enemies lurking around in that dark forest. It really fits into what is supposed to mimic the dreams of Nemo. Of course I remember one more thing, this game was dead hard. I didn't manage to get through many stages, but I really wish I had because I heard the ending is great. Did you guys beat this game? As you can hear I made some difference in the chord progression in the first section, starting with minor chords instead of major. It gave a bit of a new atmosphere with just a little distance to the original. The bass line is very influenced by one of my favourite synthwave artists/producers - Mitch Murder. Listen to the song Assembly Line and you hear nothing but perfection in sense of production, mixing and quality. The perfect reference music if you're looking for a clean sound. I hope that I could come close to that some day! I was fooling around with a distorted lead sound during the creation of this remix, and at the same time was a bit inspired by metal (which I listened to a lot in the past). This resulted in the section starting at 1:11 (right after a heavy metal inspired solo) with double bass drums following what sounds like down tuned distorted guitars/basses in a not so common but hot rhythm. The forest ambience sound is found on freesound.org and contributes to the total atmosphere of forestness. I hope you enjoy this one! Maybe not a very common game, but I played it at some friends houses and liked the music back then as much as I do now. Hope it can bring back some memories of yours too! /Neon X
  4. https://youtu.be/dFGHPBSCf8U Hey guys! This was a really delayed remix due to IRL schedule being too much lately. I'm never satisfied with some of my remixes and could rewrite or add new stuff for months before feeling that it is complete. But we all know we need to leave some ideas behind and just be happy with what we got at the moment. I'm suspecting this could be a song I'll come back to in the future when I really starting re-remixing my older songs. Starting just like the original with part 8-bit drums, and part ordinary drums. Then halfing the already fast tempo by adding my usual snare and taking back the 8-bit one. Then when the original loop ends I've added a fresh solo/melody over the original chord progression. After that I take the intensity down a bit with a Steely Dan inspired part followed by my usual atmospheric part (where I use one of my latest syntesizers for that tenor sax) with a smooth jazz-ish section. Back to the original chord progression with a solo that's actually a melody from the original song. You can hear it in the background a bit in with an oboe sounding brass instrument (not sure exactly what instrument it's supposed to be). I end the remix by repeating the main theme followed by strings and tenor sax at descending tempo.
  5. https://youtu.be/w6l0ClbHUNo First thing, I actually mained Sagat for a while in SFIV when it was new, back in 2009-2010 ish. Loved that round house kick into ultra, and man did he hit hard. He was really strong in vanilla SFIV. Before starting this project on Sagat's theme I remembered since I was a kid that this song had this odd time signature, meaning you can't keep diggging to it like those straight beat songs. This goes into one of the most unusual time signatures ever heard in a video game song - 11/8. I knew from start that I was gonna change some chords here and there and keep the melody true to the original. I also knew I wanted to use the sharp marimbas I used in Distant Thunder (Secret of Mana). This is therefore applied here and there in this remix. This theme has a nice ambient touch to it, I love the pluck played in the background during most parts of the song. I found a pad sounding like a soft ambient horn which I modified to playing chords in some of the calm parts, and also remodified it to play some cool melody parts, for example the very last notes you hear in this remix. It took a while to put this together, not only because of the odd time signature, but also because the original is not very varying. I know I have done a lot with other songs without variation, but it was harder thanks to this time signature. Every bar is longer and the melody and ideas didn't come very natural (much easier with normal bars in time signatures like 4/4 or 3/4). But enough with that time signature, yes it did affect a lot. /Neon X
  6. https://youtu.be/rbrB1sHScyw This theme has so much potential. Did I manage to bring forth some of that potential? I'm really not sure. It was hard taking this forward, both musically and soundwise. Not matter what, I did bring it together and share it with you, and I'm happy how it turned out. I put a waste lot of time on the original parts, not sure why and what I really got out of that, it just happened. My own composition at 1:27 to 1:57, especially the first part was heavily inspired by a song from the 80s progressive rock band "It Bites", which I listened a lot to back in the days, and recently listen to a lot. Just love their first two or three albums. My initial plan for this remix was one of a very synthwavey sound, which is most represented in 0:38 through 1:02, then my plan got smashed by other ideas. However, I think a 100% synthwave version of this theme would fit very well. One day I might get back to this (with better skills in music and production) and synthwave the heck out of it. I think this is a starting point for doing more Mega Man X themes in a near future!
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhWbZ2IMwS4 On January 1st I was thinking about what remix I should initiate the new year with. I've had my mind on the Super Mario Galaxy series now and then, listened to the OST a lot, just love the music. I never had the Nintendo Wii nor Switch, so I actually never played any of those 3D Mario games. One day I will, for sure, because they sound and look amazing. Initially I had a hard time coming up with any natural compositions for extending this original tune, but after hours of thinking and versions of any kind, I finally came up with something to work from (1:05) outside the original. At times like this, when I never played the game, I always do a little research about the original song, when it is played and what happens when it plays. I got a really good feeling watching some gameplay from the Star Festival and the purpose of it - once every 100 years Star a comet passes by and release Star Bits. The Mushroom Kingdom celebrates this festive event by gathering in the castle garden outside Peach's castle to collect these Star Bits, then combines them into a grand star which is brought into the castle. Mario is of course invited to this rare festival. I just love how they built up the little town in which the festival is held. It's so cosy and just screams of Toads celebration and starry vibes. Another place I noticed the original theme was played in, was in the end associated to when Rosalina appears, which is such an amazing character. I just had to put her in the video background, got some really melancholic and nostalgic feels when she appeared in that final scene. I guess I got some kind of crush on her Oh, I actually tried to reproduce the melancholic and nostalgic feel at 1:32 to 2:24. I definitely will play her the next time I take a Mario Kart 8 race at one of my friends' house. I really enjoyed creating this one, I hope you all enjoy listen to it! Or play to it or whatever you do Cheers, Neon X
  8. https://youtu.be/bO0ZfoGJ5RQ Since my new job assigment started I've had 2 hours less time per day for doing this, hopefully 3 weeks won't be my new upload frequency. This song, however, didn't speak to me like most songs usually do, and by that I mean I can always hear new and extended parts in my head before writing it. I had to fight this one to get the composing going which also affected the time before completion. Hardest part of this remix was the intro, yeah really. Not sure why, I think I wrote 3-4 different intros before just picking one, maybe I'll use the others for another remix who knows! Another hard part was the drums, which is quite the fast beat but it's so chill at the same time, something about those drums in the original. I chose to half the tempo and also rewriting the bass line except for some buildups in my remix where I think the bass line fits perfectly. Oh, and the ending chill synthwave also got that fast original bass line, gave a special atmosphere to it which I definitely will try in many future remixes! Other than that I felt like this went into the category of remixes that could be remixed and rewritten in so many different verions. I'm not sure if that's a good idea for a project sometime, doing the same song in like five completely different versions. Could be interesting! Might try it when I get back my 2 hours a day (that goes to driving to work right now).
  9. https://youtu.be/Nw1CIsfYfo0 The winner of my poll for this upload was DKC2 which contains so many great songs, David Wise is a very talented composer indeed. I didn't plan on doing this particular song, I had thought about Lockjaw's Saga for a while. When I listened through the DKC2 OST I got some ideas for Lockjaw but this one, Flight of the Zinger, just spoke to me in another way I couldn't resist. So haunting, yet so beautiful, fits so well to the stage's surroundings. This remix kind of includes and embodies the current thoughts and feelings I carry inside me at the moment. Anxiety for having less time with my family (by driving 2 hours a day to work), the bad conscience when I can't put as much time on what I love the most (family and music), a bit of fear from starting a new assignment (it's always there, when going into something unknown). But as much as I feel that, I had a blast writing this remix, amazing original song that gave me many cool ideas to choose from. It also encourages to never give up what you really love despite how hard it could be to accomplish that. What did you feel when you listened to this? What memories do you have from this game? Thanks for listening! /Neon X
  10. https://youtu.be/UBK02HiVlVo This is one of my favourite themes from Mario Kart 8. So catchy, beaty and beautiful. I also got this as a suggestion not too long ago from a supportive listener. Thank you! I really enjoyed every second writing this one, even the transcribing was fun! Then to orchestrate and arrange as I wanted was true joy. Easily one of the most fun of all remixes so far! So many parts to work with and improvise from. Had a blast putting together everything, but I won't hide it was also a hard time! I had to work my hours with this one. Many solos and special chords I wanted to integrate and fuse with the original tunes. As you can hear I made it sound a lot like some 80s movie theme along with my ordinary instrumentation such as lead synths and atmospheric pads. There is also a finger snap mixed with claps present during a short section. I used that because that particular section made me think of Coconut Mall for some reason, and that theme contains a bit of finger snaps and claps as well Also couldn't resist using a sampled sound from Mario Kart 8 of Toad himself, "let's go"! So where the inspiration for this come from? Well, all the 80s music I listened to in my life, playing a lot of MK8 some years ago, and also much from a very special band I listen to now and then called Frost*. It's mix of musicians from other bands gathered to create some darn good music! I really recommend them to you guys who like progressive rock, they are really something else! Listen to their album Hyperventilate and you'll know what I mean. Remember, this is NOT my Halloween remix this year, I released that one last week lol! I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed writing it. /Neon X
  11. https://youtu.be/FSBk0q9sN0c It has been a while since I released something. This remix is meant to be some kind of contribution to Halloween 2022, this particular song has been planned since last year (a suggestion from one of my best friends). It's this time of the year once again, the world has changed very much since last time. And I want to dedicate this remix to what has become of the world this passed year. A quote from Dracula by Bram Stoker: “It is a strange world, a sad world, a world full of miseries, and woes, and troubles. And yet when King Laugh come, he make them all dance to the tune he play. Bleeding hearts, and dry bones of the churchyard, and tears that burn as they fall, all dance together to the music that he make with that smileless mouth of him. Ah, we men and women are like ropes drawn tight with strain that pull us different ways. Then tears come, and like the rain on the ropes, they brace us up, until perhaps the strain become too great, and we break. But King Laugh he come like the sunshine, and he ease off the strain again, and we bear to go on with our labor, what it may be.” I'm getting references to the real world and what it is as we speak, and maybe always is, behind the scenes and curtains. Many leaders and powerful people (not all of them of course) keep ignoring what happens in the world because of their personal goals they think are optimal only for themselves. Sometimes it goes way too far, and a whole nation is affected in ways that might not be restored even in hundreds of years to come. The people of the nation might be told that there is good in what the leaders decide and that their world will be a much better place. King Laugh comes and gives them hope and trust. 6 months later the nation has been cut off from the world completely, and their leader's closest followers drop off one by one. A future of pain, agony and loss is inbound, and the people of the nation almost if forced to leave their homes, their cities, and even their country. This only because of ONE HUMAN BEING. So unfair. I usually don't bring up this kind of subjects but I just can't shut up on what's happening. But what about the music? It's really inspired by what's happening in the world. Inflation is almost all-time high (for as long as I've lived), food and electricity is at peak levels in costs, my country's currency is all-time weak. It's hard times, very hard times. Halloween is coming up, and I got myself a new synthesizer (with a really nice pipe organ, listen for it at the intro and outro). There is tons of synth sounds from Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene and Equinoxe albums as well, really cool! The original song is first heard in Castlevania from NES, but returns in several other Castlevania games. It's a great song with surprisingly many sections. Oh, and I found a really disgusting female demon scream you can hear in the intro right after the pipe organ section. I would prefer to never enter a house and hear that scream. My own half tempo section with the solo is all in influenced by the present world and musically influenced by Dream Theater, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and the soundtrack of Unreal Tournament 2004. It's the same kind of chord progression I used in the last section of Bowser's Castle from Mario Kart 64. A really mysterious and dark atmosphere, nothing but minor chords which kind of says it all. I don't want to sound too depressing though, and finished off with a classic sus-major chord from the pipe organ, just like in many psalms, chorals, hymns or whatever. There is still hope! And never shall we give up the world, and how we want it to be. A happy place, where all are friends and acting with respect and love for others. *blink*
  12. https://youtu.be/wnNmK30KBRs Okay, this theme has been in my mind for the past 18 months or so. A friend of mine I met here on YouTube and then Discord came with this suggestion 18 months, and by then I really didn't know what it was. But as soon as I started listen to it I slowly started to remember that I played this game at my dad's apartment (after my parents divorce which is another sad story for another time). However, the memories coming back to me with this music isn't sad at all, it's amazing what music can bring forth from any period of your life, despite if it was a tough or lovely period. What about this song then, it contains many hard elements and harmonies to write down by ear, but with enough time on my back with it I think I managed to make it sound as I wanted. I started off by writing down the exact song to stay true and close to the original. I really love the beginning and the build up. I then gently gave it a touch of "myself" by adding my lead synth and make the chords somewhat fatter. Then I go all in on my standard instrumentation, adding some new melodies and solos. After that a new section with an original melody and chords that crash into a half tempo section with the main theme. Finishing off with the intro tones, chords and a build-up FX. I didn't make this remix that long, I don't want to wear out this fantastic song too much. It's one of the most genious compositions I've ever heard in video game music. So good.
  13. https://youtu.be/lhpri7saOwU Remix of Metal Man theme from Mega Man 2 released on christmas eve 1988 for Nintendo (NES) I really felt like doing something from an old classic Mega Man game. The choice landed on Metal Man's theme from Mega Man 2! The original is a real banger indeed! So what was I thinking during the creation of this one, well... I thought: "something funky, something bangy, something ambient, something beautiful, something cool, combined with some of that nostalgia and memories". Can't go wrong. But something did go wrong for sure, after I finished the transcription of the original parts everything went blank. My imagination and ideas were totally gone. Lucky me, it only lasted for a day, but that's way too long for me since I've got so little time doing this. Oh man, I wish one day were like 28 hours instead of 24, would be so amazing to have more time for this. Something new I learned doing this remix: I will not listen to the song to be remixed for several hours before writing it. I think my ideas got more narrow because of that, not making enough room for improvisation and taking a step or two outside the box. The hardest part of this song: definitely the bass. I didn't have any problems but it was the hardest part for sure. I could go in so many directions and got stuck several times writing bass lines that was the exact same as in other remixes of mine. I hope you dig the beats I created here, and that you're reliving some sweet memories of playing this game. This is the 2nd or 3rd most played Mega Man game for me, after Mega Man 1 and Mega Man 3. Take care folks! /Neon X
  14. https://youtu.be/1tdyZBwyn5c Believe or not but the main funky groove in this remix is inspired by Bruno Mars' song 24K Magic. This makes my second modern pop inspired remix, but of course there are several other inspirational sources that goes in this remix as well. Yoshi's Island music always trigger a great deal of memories for me since I got this game for christmas 1995 or 1996 when it was more or less new. I was in 5th or 6th grade and jeez, me and my little brother played it for hours and hours that christmas holiday. This is a game I always will come back to and make remixes from. There are some new stuff and instruments I've never did/used before here (I love experimenting with sounds and harmonies): At 2:08 I use a "chiptuney" (sinewave) organ that's similar to an instrument used in the original OST of Yoshi's Island. And I wrote it in a classical/sacral harmony. Speaking of classical, the part starting at 1:03 is very inspired by classical music and sort of requiem. And when the solo comes in at 1:21 it's like a neo classical solo with similarities to the guitar virtuoso Yngwie J Malmsteen. One last thing to mention is at the end of each solo where I used 64th notes juggling one octave and meanwhile playing a melody/scale, I wanted to capture some of the music you can hear on Commodore 64, NES and Game Boy. And there are two sampled sound effects from the game, can you find them? I'm not often do this, but I actually picked up the tempo from the original 100 bpm to 105, it felt too slow for my remix. I tried 110 bpm but that went way too fast instead xD Anyway, I hope you can enjoy this remix and that it brings some sweet memories to you! Cheers, Neon X
  15. https://youtu.be/8aodQM1D2rc One saturday evening my three kids and wife sat down and watched a movie (we do not often succeed on doing this) and the kids wanted to watch Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (they wanted it because it is named Monster Vacation here in Sweden). The inspiration came from the song that was played during Dracula's dance scene - "I See Love" by Jonas Blue. I liked the idea of combining my retro synth style with a more modern style, I think this is the first time I consciously do that. This also resulted in a more or less complete makeover of the Flying Battery theme, I hope you all appreciate what became of it As I wrote in my teaser post for this, the vibes coming from this kind of resembles or reminds me of the end of summer vacation and that life goes back to work and labor. With that in mind I hope you all have the courage to pursue your dreams and never give up getting to that work position you want. Start small, take a small step outside you comfort zone, take a step back, and then again a bigger step outside just to feel that change for something better. And remember - you DESERVE it. Now, GO AND GET IT!
  16. https://youtu.be/7D_VAET_Hnc During the making of any remix/cover I do, I mainly want the listeners to recognize the song and hopefully start to get some memories from the past. The same goes with this one. Hydrocity Zone is such a cool song (both act 1 and 2), I really love the funky grooves, which I also tried to keep through about a minute of my remix. So you will most likely recognize it a bit before I go loose on creativity and extension of the original melodies. There will be some solos and then some ambient part resulting in a half tempo ending. I just write the music as I hear it in my head and keep going with the flow. This is what came to mind this last week. The intro SFX is intended to sound like Sonic starting to roll to gain that ridiculous speed. I searched through the SFX list from Sonic 3 and believed this is the correct sound of that. Until today I was thinking a lot of putting some harmonizing melodies to the original ones, but I went for "less is more" this time and just kept one at a time lead synth to play all melodies.
  17. https://youtu.be/o_vGCof-kRw I put considerably more time on the production (EQ, panning, levels, sound balance) than any other so far. I felt I was getting behind in my skills of production so I really tried to fix some crucial issues I've had in the past. This was one of my greatest hypes in gaming history, I was in the 6th grade and one of my best friends from the 7th grade got this during spring 1999 (it was released in EU in december 1998). We've read a lot about it in video game magazines already and man... I remember it so clearly, when Navi tries to wake you up in that tree house, and then the moment you step outside into the Kokiri forest, it's a timeless, unforgetable memory that holds so many good feelings and excitement. So one thing I'm mentioning right off the bat is the "Hey!" sound which is an original voice from OoT, and of course it's from our little fairy Navi. I had some laughs experimenting with her voice in different pitches and amounts of reverb/delay, but this sounded the most serious and fit the best into the production in my opinion so... Speak of production, please give me some feedback on what you think about the EQ, levels, panning and such during this remix. I really want to level up in that aspect, so all feedback and suggestions for improvement is most welcome! Another sound effect coming straight from the game is the whistle blow you can hear at 1:25 which is originally from a castle guard or a Gerudo guard. I also hope I managed to catch a bit of nostalgia from the original song, which is always my main purpose with all remixes. The main core I used here is pure synthwave, with short breaks of an 80s funk style that always hit my nostalgia trigger hard. There is plenty of sidechaining, plucking and that classic 80s synthwave bass, and in the middle of it all a moment of classical harmony passing by like a deep blue river in a sunset of the Hyrule kingdom Nearly every chord in this remix is changed or additionally harmonised, but I think you will recognize it despite that. Thanks for listening and reading! /Neon X
  18. https://youtu.be/Cso-oqInw5k This is my very first remix of a theme that's originally from Game Boy. Since my last two remixes (from Earthbound and A Link To The Past) I kind of got stuck in combining more than one song in one remix, it put much creativity into works and makes it a bit more challenging. This remix contains three songs from Kirby's Dream Land, and I have built the remix as follows: 0:00 - Mt Dedede intro 0:38 - Roasted Sweet Potato Shooting & Title theme variation 0:49 - Title theme variation 1:00 - Mt Dedede 1:11 - New solo part (based on the Title theme) 1:33 - Mt Dedede 1:39 - Title theme variation 1:54 - Mt Dedede outro About the remix itself. It's has the highest bpm of any of my previous remixes: 179 bpm. Very fast and high paced, which in turn makes it quite intense. That is why some the parts in there plays in half tempo to calm things down a bit. I'm always true to the original pace which in this case is based on the theme of Mt Dedede. The bass line from the original was really awesome, so I put some work on it and developed it a bit further, then took it down to something more groovy and funky for the solo part and outro part. And speak of the solo part, I took some time to modify a new variation of my signature lead synth at 1:23 which I was really hyped about. I will use it much more in future remixes. Oh I forgot to mention the initial "crash" sound. That is an original SFX from Kirby's Dream Land which plays when you're flying on the star towards Mt Dedede and crashes into the castle at the top of the mountain.
  19. https://youtu.be/4DT4SvMUSN8 This one took a lot of effort from me. I have been suffering hard from a mancold during the last week and meanwhile having a very hard time coming up with ideas of variations from especially the Underground theme I had to put in a lot of extra effort to go through with this. Colds can affect your music creation for sure, I really learned that now xD So I hope this sounds good with levels, panning and the overall mixing, because the cold kind of made my ears and nose canals really thick and my hearing was very affected. I wanted to release this now no matter what, and the consequences from the cold on this remix will be a reminder of how it affected me. So what about the music, first thing I wanted to do something no one's ever done with the Underground theme. Not that I'm looking around searching for remixes that are similar to my own, but putting these chords over the underground melody is nothing I've encountered so far. Nor have I encountered the variation of the underwater melody I wrote to the same chords. Mission accomplished I guess! I also made a more naked variation of the underground theme (1:01) with totally new chords followed by an ambience break (1:16). The ambience break is filled with african skin percussives and yet another underwater melody variation which evolves into a half tempo section (1:46) followed by Dream Theater inspired section (2:06). At 2:24 the song goes back to the initial underground theme and ends with a beatless short section with a reverbed synth underwater variation at 2:43. I guess there are several easter eggs to find in this remix, one of them is the coin and swim sounds I pulled from SMB3. Actually, putting a moderate amount of reverb to the coin SFX really makes it sound beautiful (given it goes in line with the key signature)! I hope you enjoy it, see you soon my friends!
  20. https://youtu.be/hNDv9XmDxdo Hello guys! First I want to say thanks for the patience with me, I've much things going on IRL lately and therefore not been able to write so much on this remix. I had some time the last few days though and did manage to complete it. The theme of the Electrodrome course is so frikkin' cool, I had so many fragments of ideas for this which I think shows in the remix as well. I used many different ideas and sections, and I hope I managed to create decent transitions between them. And of course I hope you guys like at least some of them ^^ The original has some noise and cracking synths with a bit of distortion on some. I created a bass with the choice to turn on and off a distortion for different sections, for example at 0:54 I turn off the distortion which makes quite a difference. Another big change in the remix is 1:52 when the unintensified variation of a piece from the original starts. Groovy bass, warm chords and a running pad over a straight beat. It makes a more relaxed vibe to end this intense song with. Something to take notice of: Intro: 0:00 - I have no idea why I did this kind of intro, it just hit my mind at some point in late production that I wanted an odd rhythm for intro. And it needed an exaggerating amount of a low rated chorus/flanger effect Build up FX: 1:22 - Home made sound of an accelerating electric vehicle. Based on an atmospheric pad I used in at least 50 remixes Other than that, please enjoy and put this on whenever you race at Electrodrome Take care folks!
  21. https://youtu.be/DwJLgB_wPc8 I played this game quite early when it was released on SNES, but I never actually made a complete playthrough, so when I listen to this theme after this many years I have no memory of it. What really made me love it now afterwards was the rare time signature you hardly ever hear in video game music - 7/8. I know a lot of people don't know what it means, and it doesn't matter (I won't go into explaining it), it sounds really cool in this theme. I added a couple of more recognizable melodies from A Link To The Past as well - a variation of the Dark World theme and a variation of the Overworld theme/Hyrule field. I hope it made the remix more interesting and lively! This is how I sectioned my remix: 0:00 - Ganon Battle 0:45 - Dark World variation 0:59 - Ganon Battle (reprise) 1:23 - Overworld variation 2:13 - Ganon Battle (ending) And if you've listened through the whole Overworld variation part you should have noticed I changed the time signature to an ordinary 4/4 during a short while, just to get that groovy vibe. It's always an immense amount of nostalgia that hits me whenever I hear music from A Link To The Past, it was so popular and great when it came. And until today it's at least as great, and will be forever. It's a timeless story within a timeless and magical fantasy world you could relive at any time, and also kind of relive in its sequels
  22. https://youtu.be/Lyli7Ld4AYE I finally decided to go through with Balrog's theme from Street Fighter! This is such a good tune, I love the original for its easy form and potential to experiment with. I went towards an 80s disco style and had to go through with a key signature transposition to get the result I wanted, a bit tricky but it went well. The original has a nice groove I tried to stay close to, and the melodies are so easy to remember that they stay in your head long after the song has ended. I had so many ideas for this one, I just hope I chose one worthy and exciting! As I mentioned I went towards an 80s disco style, I really got the vibes from a late friday night out with the boys, drunk on life (and alcohol) just dancing that last dance before an unknown after party emerges. And during the after party, this groove goes on until early morning. Maybe you hooked up with a pretty girl (or boy) lying on a grass hill, holding hands and watching the starry sky getting more and more illuminated by the first morning sunrays. Cheers for a new day and for that old days we remember so dearly! And may there be peace once again. /Neon X
  23. https://youtu.be/CKcqx6JwrkM Since I'm almost a pure Nintendo player, the Sega world is kind of new, except for Sonic of course. But I never really played anything else from Sonic than the very first game, so Sonic 2 is new in every way for me. I was very surprised by the soundtrack, every song has so much potential! And there were some songs I just couldn't let go of, Chemical Plant was one of them. And I will grab more for sure! I would say this one goes under blues, funk, maybe fusion of some kind, and I really took advantage of those genres by tweaking my synthesizers to sound like instruments used regurarly in those genres. Dry, fast, max attack, not much effects except for the lead with some delay, and the bass with a heavy chorus effect (just like some of the 80s synth basses which I love). I wanted the remix to be very recognizeable from the original in many parts, but with some enhanced harmonies and fills from new composed lines. And then a completely new section - I'm not sure how I came up with it, it often just starts with one chord off from the original and then my head is spinning loose with countless ideas of which I just grab one and write down. For some reason I took some inspiration from Dream Theater starting at 1:22 - I think I would refer to it as an John Petrucci part where all things calms down, the tempo goes down to half and there are these extended tones from his singing guitar playing a beautiful melodic solo, maybe along in harmony with Jordan Rudess' wizard like keyboard play. The chords kind of follows how Petrucci would have wrote them too. Overall I just loved working on this song, the original is so catchy and fun. Really love this style and tried to extend it as much as I could without trashing the original too much. I already got suggestions on other Sonic themes, but would love to have some more. And if you know any more songs in this particular style I would be very interested in hearing them. /Neon X
  24. https://youtu.be/HZ9iIudnJOQ I really didn't plan to grab this theme right now, but for some reason I kept on listening to it a lot and couldn't resist. It's really great, and there are some clear similarities between this and the MK8 Rainbow Road theme. Due to the already complicated harmonies and theme melodies I didn't want to bring that much of my own composition into this one, I kept close to the original with some restyling. And wow, it does happen a lot in this one, such a great original composition. At some points I thought "do these chords really work together?", and when I listened to it after finish writing that particular line it really sounded great! I had many wow moments and I'm happy I chosed this song. Fun story related to Mario Kart Wii: At my bachelor party back in May 2014, my brother, some cousins and close friends made my day a Mario Kart day. First off was the gokart racing with real gokarts on a real course (I sucked by the way), and damn was that fun! I had to dress up like Mario with that red/blue plumber outfit, a mario hat and fake moustache. Afterwards we had a BBQ party at a friend's house followed by a Mario Kart Wii tournament, paralleled by a Track & Field (NES) tournament. During the video game tournaments we had a lot of shots and good drinks, and you can imagine how good we were at Mario Kart after a couple of hours. When we were done video gaming we went out on a club meeting up with the bachelorette party for my wife (!!!) which was the perfect timing and ending of that night. Maybe the best day of my life! I dedicate this wonderful song to that night, and all the people that made it happen. Thank you!
  25. https://youtu.be/O4oWq4ockIQ I have been really scared of remixing/covering this classic and timeless song. It's so easy to ruin it that any changes could be devastating. I'm still afraid I have broke it, but I hope not! First of all the soundscape that the original has is so fragile, and by having that in mind I made sure to keep my sounds very close to that, but with much higher bitrate of course since it's SNES we're talking about. However, the sound quality in DKC is unbelievably high for a SNES game. I just took my standard synthesizer setup and started modify and tweak them to make all instruments sound quite close to the original. Except the piano, I changed it for a pluck sound from my Obsession synth. About my composition of this. As you can hear I kept really close to the original to begin with, adding some small changes. For example, I added a "real" beat and all melodies are playing with my signature lead synth. What was more interesting in composing this was how I could leave the original completely and take on another path. So I laborated with a splash sound to represent me diving from the original into my own composition, then immediately adding a bubbling underwater effect to continue with an introduction to a Mega Man-ish melody with the pluck synth. Dashing into a double time beat and the Mega Man melody I hold the intensity steady and then release it into a psychedelic synthwave groove, a bit like the groove I use at the end of my Bloody Tears remix. If you listen more carefully I use the original arpeggio in the background (the first you hear in this song) in this last section but change it over the chord's harmony. When I listen to this remix, I feel I can make so many more variations of it. Some day I might do an Aquatic Ambience suite or something.
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