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  1. Nice! Undertale on OCRemix! Love this games soundtrack and the plethora of arrangements that have already appeared on Youtube. This feels an awful lot like credits music. Real good credits music. I hear a lot of "Hopes and Dreams" in here. I know that "SAVE the World" is pretty much just "Hopes and Dreams", but this ReMix includes snippets of "Your Best Friend" which are only found in "Hopes and Dreams". /Pedantry.
  2. Wait, I'm confused. Why are the first two being released just now? Where were the first two this whole time?
  3. Just over halfway through this album, and loving the whole thing. Why is track 2-14 missing from the Soundcloud listing?
  4. Oh wow, a Harmony of Heroes track? Is this the first time the album's been mentioned on OCRemix? Glad for this; I only found about Harmony of a Hunter (and 101% Run) because OCRemix posted a bunch of the tracks, and people really oughta hear about this album (and Final Smash). My favourite part of Dark Horizons has got to be from 4:08 to 4:38, where "Dark World" is playing again, it gets all triumphant, and then suddenly whips to a "Hyrule Castle" cameo.
  5. Okay. Um. That was amazing. Trance is, like, my least favourite genre. As much as I like Kefka's theme, I didn't think I would like Day of Ruin. But I enjoyed this, I really enjoyed this. I would totally dance to this at a club. And I hate dancing at clubs.
  6. Yeah, this was definitely made by the same Remixer who made Cancer. What is surprising is that it's even creepier than Cancer.
  7. Watched the anime. Loved it and its music. The source track for this ReMix was cool, and the ReMix was cooler.
  8. AAAAhahahahahha WOW. Can't believe a music box rendition of Lavender Town has not been done before (has it?). It just seems like the perfect idea. The dubstep transition lost me at first, and then it dropped. That was so cool. Did I use "drop" right?
  9. In the hypothetical adaptation of FFVI, this should play during, like, the battle with the Brontosaurus in the Ruined Veldt.
  10. Kinda wish that Track 3000 and Album 50 were both released on the site's 15th birthday. That would have burst some heads for sure. First OCReMix I ever heard was KRool Intentions by Protricity. I found it on Youtube years after its posting (I think...2008? 2007?). Then I found Simian Symphony. Black Wing Metamorphosis. The Passing of the Blue Crown. Album 40 got released, Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin. One of the best things I've ever listened too. And now I'm on a mad rampage to hear all of the albums on this site. Noticed artists repeatedly appearing on the albums. Brandon Strader. Mazedude. Found their music on the prime site. I found the Shinesparkers and their Harmony series. Theophany has a Majora's Mask album on his own Bandcamp, and it is glorious. One way or another, half of my iPhone's music is thanks to OCReMix. Thank you.
  11. This is a lot more sinister than Redg's previous Title mix. Gives it more of a personality. I have a question. In the last minute of the Mix, the notes get faster. Is this supposed to be an arrangement of the later part in the Title music, or are the notes from the beginning just being played faster? The melody is just so distorted that I cannot tell. Anyway, I could totally picture this playing for a Metroid adaptation trailer. Maybe one of the Primes, because all of the crackling sounds like a geiger counter going off.
  12. Really, really excited about the mix for Dark Duel Stories. It's sure to be great, especially with Timaeus working on it. I'd like to ask: which specific track(s) will you be mixing?
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