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  1. So this track somehow made it on one of my playlists recently and got me thinking once again - what did others think about it? Nice to actually see some reviews here. I was floored when I saw a music video remix of the game last year using this song in a competition. I was never super happy with this track quite frankly and I look back on it now and think with more of a grimace than anything else. Yes, as in the purple McDonald's monster. The mix is actually rather shallow, there's no snare, and wtf was I thinking when I topped it with a laser kick? The melody is purely associated to the Title Theme form the game. Nothing more. I used those few notes as a foundation for melodic development, which maybe breaks all of the new rules of today's OCRemix, but back in the day I thought it was a refreshing unique addition to the collection of remixes here. IMHO, it still pays homage to the game quite well. So does this post mean I'm making a return and will start submitting tracks? I have about four of them lined up actually, but am still not entirely pleased. I've been listening to a ton of music this past month and have a lot of new inspiration - will likely be submitting something soon! More than anything else, just been happy to see this community thrive!
  2. Started something and was going to finish today, but just realized this competition has expired. Are you still accepting entries?
  3. David - all my best man. You done good! And whenever you're up for a rematch in Darkstalkers, I bought my brother a japanese cab with a full mame set. ...and yes, it'll still be on free-play mode. Later on, - Chris G.
  4. Hey Mike - I have had the exact same speakers for a solid 7 years. Are yours the powered ones or the original Event 20/20s? If they are the originals (non-amp'ed, like mine) I'm a bit curious what amp you might've paired them with. I've tried quite a few and while I like the sound, they're starting to feel aged. Dig your setup and dig the new track. I'll be doing a lot of the same at my new place!
  5. All - I had an awesome time hanging out! It was great to finally meet everyone. It was a bit rough jogging between essentially three different groups of people for the con this year and then missing Sunday entirely (ACK - including the concert!), but I definitely played my part in the advertising, passed out tons of flyers in the gaming hall, and was glad to help out. Definitely felt like one of the gang. Sorry to hear about the long drive! If I heard earlier, I would've offered up my place since I'm only about 45 minutes or so away. I even hosted a bunch of people (i.e. too much drinking) both Friday and Saturday night. IMHO - getting a hotel no matter how cheap is the best way to go, even if its a bit far away. LIghtrail is awesome. Anyway - check out new remixes <soon>. Gotta get this new job in place first.
  6. Heya all - no one here probably remembers me from way back when OCR first started, but I knew DJ Pretzel back in high school and wrote a track or two here. I was stoked to see OCR make it to Otakon last year and caught the tail end of the panel. This year I'll definitely be there and would love to hang out a bit. Will be sure to make the meetup lunch. Myself and a friend of mine will probably be getting more involved here as we begin to compose seriously for the video game industry. Gotta keep the chops up, and composing remixes also means studying game music. I'm looking forward to it! See you there.
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