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  1. If I'm going to enjoy a metal mix, it has to be one hell of a track. There are very few that fit my specific criteria, but this is definitely one of them. It's hard hitting, the guitar at 2:40min is goosebump worthy and it ends before it gets repetitive and overindulgent It's full, it's powerful, and it has been on repeat. I really, really enjoyed this one.
  2. I've been an OC remix fan and lurker for 11+ years and I've never written a review until now. This mix was so incredible I couldn't remain silent. The layers are powerful, the MM samples are well placed, and just when you expect more, it comes to an end. Which I hate, but I love at the same time. The mix concludes when I'm craving more and does an excellent job at drawing me back in. I've listened to this track many times and I don't expect to stop any time soon. This, for me, is perfection.