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  1. I plead of you, if you're reading this, YOU -MUST- DOWNLOAD THIS MIX. Extremely well-placed, gorgeous vocals, along with an eerie ambience and excellent tune selection... this remix will go down as legendary. Words can't describe its perfection. AMAZING work from Oceanfire. Simply stunning.
  2. This mix is great. It's an EXTREMELY FRESH look at the Ice Cap theme. Lyrics are awesome. Very well done!!
  3. This is AMAZING. You've taken an overly repetitive Mario theme and breathed some new life into it. It's a good repetitive and FAR from boring, the instrumental work is beautiful, and the sound effects are bliss. This is the kinda quality all mixes should strive to achieve. Purely Awesome.
  4. An amazing production. When the singing comes in, it really captures the listener in the mood. There's nothing else like this I've ever heard in my life... absolutely gorgeous.
  5. This is some amazing stuff here from Star... TRULY EPIC. A -MUST- DOWNLOAD. Unreal... Superb work, 10/10.
  6. Unbelievably amazing. Freemind proves himself more than damn able to stand on his own two legs. (And of course, no disrespect to Gray, who is more than amazing in his own right.) You're a sucker if you don't download this.
  7. McVaffe, your work, as always, is gorgeous. The transition at 1:45 is very nice. Over all, this is a very clean-sounding mix, and like all of your other work, is not only enjoyed by myself but the entire OC Community as well. Thanks for giving us another masterpiece.
  8. Excellent stuff from Protricity... the song never gets tired or loops, and OCR definitely needs some more stuff to just sit back and chill to. Awesome.
  9. So true, this remix is incredibly amazing, everything is so defined and crisp. I could understand what you meant by feeling like you're flying above the clouds, it definitely generates a 'top of the world' aura. Congratulations, this remix kicks some serious ass. -Nox
  10. You know what...I can't really decide whether I like this or not! It's totally unique, and the experience is unmatched by anything I've ever listened to ever, but the song isn't really that catchy. It's not something I'm gonna be like "Damn, I HAVE to listen to that song when I get home", but at the same time, it's gonna linger on my mind because I won't be able to hum any specific melody or remember any certain part of the song. So what can I say? Nice work I guess! You've done something I haven't seen in any music for the longest time, and that deserves a congratulations.
  11. This remix is absolutely gorgeous. I can't help but be a fan of the soft stuff, and this definitely does FF7 some justice. Grab it if you haven't done so already.
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