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  1. Dragon Quest music has always been absolutely superb. DQ V and DQ VII probably have the best soundtracks in my opinion. IV would be next. I would LOVE it if somebody could do a remix of some music from Dragon Quest V for DS or Dragon Warrior VII for PSX. Both great games with great soundtracks. If you like RPGs you should really consider playing IV. It has a great story and is relatively short and easy to go through. The chapter system is really interesting and it provides constant character development for new characters. A lot of people don't like it because everytime you go to the next character's chapter, you're back at level one. But once all the characters come together for the final endgame chapter, you start to feel really powerful. Torneko the Merchant's chapter was probably the most interesting and doubtless was the inspiration for games like Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale and other RPG Shop Sim games. And the music throughout the game is just excellent. Anytime a DQ track pops up here at OCR, I get a little excited. This game doesn't get enough love here in the West. Thanks for the wonderful track, Nate Tronerud!
  2. Excellent track! I am so happy to see a Dragon Quest track on here. To you who are unfamiliar with the franchise, I highly suggest you give it a try. Much better than Final Fantasy, in my opinion. However, don't start with the first game. I recommend starting with either DQ IV or DQ V first. You can purchase them for DS from Amazon or the Square Enix store and you can purchase them from the iOS App Store or Google Play. Honestly, for the what they're charging for the mobile apps, I would just try to find a DS copy somewhere as I prefer physical buttons. But if you're more incline to get them for a mobile device due to ease, nearly the entire series is available. Here are the two games I recommend most: DQ4 iOS - $14.99 DQ4 Android - $14.99 DQ5 iOS - $14.99 DQ5 Android - $14.99 DQ1 is around $.99, DQ 2 is around $3, and DQ3 is $9.99. DQ6 is $14.99. Also, for you guys who enjoyed DQVIII for PS2 back in the day, that game has been ported to iOS and Android as well, but it's $20 and lacks the voice acting from the PS2 version. You can still find boxed PS2 copies around, so if you have a PS2 or a good PC for emulation then I would definitely recommend that option. Forgive my shilling, but Square Enix sure as hell isn't bothering to market these games to the west and I personally consider it a crime that this fantastically designed franchise has suffered the despair of loneliness for so long.
  3. It's shame that there aren't any more Dragon Quest mixes than this. Dragon Quest V for the DS is my favorite of the series and it gets virtually no love. Why must DQ fans suffer eternally?
  4. Okay, thank you guys SO much. This was a big help. I'm rather obsessive compulsive about my music library metadata. EDIT: Fantastic album, by the way, to everyone involved.
  5. Is ALL of the music on this album sampled from SM64 or do some tracks sample songs from other games along with the 64 tracks? It doesn't seem that any of the notes that accompany this album cite any specific sources. I need to know because I like to properly source all of my video game remixes in the Comments field in iTunes. Havng this entire album be absent of Sources will be pretty frustrating, so I'm wondering if they're all from SM64 exclusively.
  6. I can't stop listening to this. It's one of the best interpretations of the SMB World 3/Fairy Fountain theme, up there with Solace by The Joker and 2P, for me.
  7. Forgive me for being a noob, but what is an updater machine? On another note, the source for this track has always reminded me of the Pokemon battle music. I wander if Junichi Masuda was playing Link 2 when he was trying to compose the music for Pokemon Red and Green.
  8. Man, I LOVE this piece. I don't normally enjoy pure rap tracks, but this one is just awesome. The only other rap song I've enjoyed this much was .
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