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  1. This is how it should sound IN GAME! I really enjoy this mix! This is my new favorite mix of Zangeif's Theme! Also, Kudos for the Russian/Cyrillic Title!
  2. This is a pretty fun remix! I catch a few similarities [in style] to the song you referenced in the title. Pretty Nice! It doesn't quite pick up in tempo quite like the aforementioned song, but that's not a bad thing I'll definitely be adding this to my chillax playlist!
  3. Ever since I played the old NES game, I've always wanted to hear this as a rock song, though, since I've gotten older, and seen various anime [to include Golgo 13, FWIW], I think it'd be awesome to hear this tune remade as a J-Rock/Anime Intro, complete with the lyrics found here [anyone on OCR read Japanese?] : Thoughts?
  4. I like this idea^^ and if you coulld have it finished in time, you could put it up on OCRecords as a Pay-What-You-Want [i'm thinking with a $1 minimum, but maybe something higher might be better?], and have the proceeds go to a charity that's related to some sort of women's issue [e.g.: Susan G. Komen, Go Red For Women, Maybe there's others I'm not aware of...] As for an album title, I'm thinking something along the lines of "Strong Female Leads", but with either "Leads" crossed out, or "...and supports" [or something similar] scrawled underneath it [this may have sounded better in my head. :/], in some sort of lipstick-like schmeer. I can almost imagine a Rosie The Riveter Parody with any given game character in it. If you do manage to drum up enough support for thiis, I could see maybe a multi-disc album being made with this concept. In any case, this is a pretty awesome concept! Looking forward to it, if anything comes of it!
  5. If anyone can pullit off, I think it's be pretty neat to hear the ending credits in a sort of synth-driven, Reggae-flavored style. I kinda have something that leans a tad towards Linkin Park's earlier stylings, at least with the glitchy audio effects. All in all, I think this would be a fun mix, if anyone manages to give it a shot.
  6. I have to choose ONLY three from that whole list? Yeesh... Don't make it TOO easy on us! LOL! Here we go: Roll (Mega Man) Curly Brace (Cave Story) Purple Tentacle (Maniac Mansion)
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