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  1. If you use the OC Remix Album, I can tell you these are often too loud, at -10LUFS but this is not too excessive (it is, but not too much, I have seen worst). The problem is the dynamics, everything have the same level in those tracks and yes, ears get use to it. I didn't measure the PLR (Peak to Loudness Ratio) but it must not be good. So, this is normal. When you're working in music, this is one of the think you need to be very, very, very careful. If in the morning, I'm working on a pop/rock song which is loud (and this is normal, the style is thought like that) and the afternoon, I
  2. One more thing I looked the video you add in your previous post. The guy made a point but I was skeptical about the LUFS he gets, it seems wrong, very week. I mean Green Day at -18LUFS... there is no way they was so low... So, this morning I checked several CD I have, here the result: Coldplay_Square One (2005): Long Term: -9.6 LUFS ; TruePeak: +0.2 dBTP ; Short Term: -6.2 LUFS ; Loudness Range: 10.3 LU Arch Enemy_Blood On Your Hands (2007): Long Term: -4.6 LUFS ; True Peak: +0.8dBTP ; Short Term: -3.9 LUFS : Loudness Range: 1.1 LU Nirvana Unplugged_Come As You Are (19
  3. I agree with you, we use too much compressors today, and I know what you're talking about because I remastered a lot of music from the 70's and even much older, and the sound are (very often) very excellent. It was more "sensible". The loudness war are now finished, but it happens for two reasons: - if it's louder, it seems better - if you want your music to be heard everywhere (phones, car ...), too much dynamic can make listening difficult or even betray your music if your low level is too low. I understand your view, but even the 70's sound had a loudness between -20 and -14L
  4. First of all, we are talking about music: the EBU R128 concern TV and radio, nothing more... Don't use as a reference for music CD, you can more further. But if you want to publish your sound in some platforme (like Spotify, Itunes...) I recommend you to put your CD at -14LUFS Long Term. For the loudness, you are several measure: Momentary, Short Term, Long Term. The EBU R128 are very restricted, you only don't have the loudness -23LUFS (-0.5 more or less), but also the short-term, momentary-term, the loudness range and the Maximum True Peak. This was designed for show and podcast with voices
  5. Hi, I see your message and I can help you. First of all, I don't understand why you looking for -23dB LUFS (I suppose it's LUFS you're talking about). For the record, Spotify put everything at -16LUFS, Youtube at -12LUFS. A good method is to use the K-system, meaning the majority of your music must be at -12LUFS (or -14LUFS), which give you a PLR (Peak to Loudness Ratio) of 12dB or less. However, do the mastering track per track, find a setting that sound good to you, and use it track per track. If needed you can change, but the less you change, the better it will, because all your a
  6. Hello everyone, I signed up a long time ago and never participate, which was a mistake that I want to correct. My name is Pierre "Le Gobelin", I play piano (since I was 6), synth and use Reason and Native Instrument for my projects (also use Reaper, Live, Chipsound and, from time to time my original GameBoy with Nanoloop). I have several keyboard (Yamaha Electone Me-50, Eko Super Junior A, Alesis Micron and my master keyboard, a Studiologic SL 990-pro) I have composed for several pieces and I had a band called CHARBON. The group still exist, I just had to leave when I was lived
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