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  1. So I've been putting together music for CDs and I have no experience. I'd like to get better and after downloading one of your arrangement albums noticed the artwork included front and back slips for cases and disc template work for the CDs as well. One would logically conclude then that someone here has gone through the effort of actually printing out and creating the actual CDs and the experience that comes with it. I'd be appreciative if someone would be able to point me in the right direction in terms of templates, best physical material, etc.. so that it can be done by a novice like me wi
  2. I know it's not my request, but I have to say that a Celtic take on the two popular songs would be a welcomed change of pace (maybe even adding in the well fitted Jib Jig with it's heavy violin use).
  3. At least in the 3DS version of the third Metal Gear, the locking down does happen. Of course, if you kill everyone in the vicinity there's only so much they could do from keeping you from fleeing considering you're among the bush instead of the urban jungle. Stealth is also a necessity for rescue missions and on harder difficulties you only get a dart gun with limited ammo, meaning you have to hide or you'll die. Drops are down, enemies are up in health and AI awareness. And there's more traps. There's simply too much danger otherwise to blitz.
  4. Don't worry, the way the forums work here are tricky!
  5. Eternal Champions needs some love! I'd love to see the whole OST redone like DKC2 but baby steps. Metal/Electro 'Megaman X Rock' with some possible jazz/piano segments? Would honestly like to see a more conservative piece which just arranges and heightens the original focused/adrenaline vibe of the cybernetic kickboxer's theme, but obviously up to the remixer. Cheers to all whom look!
  6. Well, yes and no. All the same I feel embarrassed for not looking around a bit more. The questions in the FAQ info section seem to pertain to the site broadly speaking with a specific focus toward the remixing aspect. There was no mention of either question I had though maybe again that's an assumption that's made that people will "navigate around" more. I suppose when I said FAQ I was thinking more along the lines of forum/community-wise and also where that one ultimate sticky (sidebar: sticky threads are hard to distinguish at first glance when "sticky" is in the same font as the title. Mayb
  7. You should all check out Monster by Naoki Urasawa as it's a masterpiece within video/animation as a whole. Seemingly a hidden gem as it gets overshadowed by more mainstream anime such as Death Note and Attack on Titan, it fits into a similar genre as a suspense/mystery/action/drama story. The English dub is one of very few which is almost as good (if not better) as its Japanese counterpart in voice over/dialogue. It's not all that long either, roughly doubling Death Note's 37 episodes at 74 episodes. You realize it's split into two acts after watching it through; I bring this up because the fi
  8. I was just about to admit my misguidance to Anorax over the use of the remix forum when Liontamer posts straightforward links and direction to my overall question. Thank you very much Liontamer! All new forums are overwhelming and diverse, and take time to adjust to. As a follow up question in that vein, is there a FAQ thread in the noob forum? I don't see one stickied and it might be a good idea as I have a feeling questions like mine have been asked before. :l
  9. Well actually no, it's not. Unless I am mistaken (and I entirely could be,) that is for people requesting tracks for their own remixing purposes. The intended ask from me is for people who quite blatantly can't remix and can only appreciate music from afar or would like to name a certain number of tracks to be remixed for them for commission. I don't know if that's a thing and I'm looking for clarification, I suppose.
  10. Hi, new to the forums and I just went through all 100 pages this last week to pick out tracks I'd like. I didn't listen to every song but I found more than a few surprises that ended up downloaded. In that delve into the archives I found some single remixes that weren't particularly attributed to any albums or inspired music that gets little attention. To get to the point of the title, I'm wondering on that note if there is any open space to throw out commission propositions and/or track suggestions for future remixes for those less musically inclined.
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