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  1. I recently logged in after a long hiatus. Some months ago, I had the ability to see the latest remixes, but that option apparently doesn't exist anymore. Now I can only see them alphabetically. Any way to see the latest remixes stored chronologically?
  2. Dreamfall Chapters is heaven!

  3. Hi, my name is Simon, I'm 29 and from Denmark. Some weeks ago, I contacted one of my favorite game creators and I asked if I should write his next story, he agreed. He liked it so much he wants to direct/produce. I asked for 200 dollars and a commitment from his side to hire 2 composers I recommend. However, the game will not be made if the Steam Direct-fee is too low. But the programmer and I are asking how much money you require for 30 minutes of fantasy-music? I don't think we can pay over 300 dollars, we are very indie. And a sample of your work, mate. The game is based on Irish mythology. Have you written music for a game before will also need to be answered. We can also chat on Facebook later, is quicker. Best regards, Simon
  4. Morning in Denmark Light and Darkness in the sky Evening in Gaia
  5. I simply can't wait To live in Dali Village When tomorrow comes
  6. I've seen posts like this before, and I simply don't understand it. Is the album a compilation album of year-old songs, or is it a new album with new songs? Has Kate's version existed on OC Remix for a long time, or?
  7. This I don't understand... do we have to wait 2 years for the album now?
  8. But the trailer says "coming this summer", so that means August, right?
  9. I'm Simon, 27, I live in Denmark and enjoy artistic games, particularly the MGS-series and the FInal Fantasy-series, although my opinion is that Enix hasn't made anything useful since FFX. The recent great games I played are probably Hotline Miami 2, Walking Dead Season 2 and MGS: Ground Zeroes. I have also found out about the existence of the Tales-series in recent years. Grew up in Singapore to Danish parents, but moved to Denmark when I was 4. I have a pretty international family, many members of mine live all across the world, and I guess that's why I like the internationally different perspectives that games of great culture offer. I only buy games if they have a good storyline, so you can say I have an academic approach to this type of media. Been listening to OC Remix all my life, so I just wanted to say thanks for all the great experiences. You can never get enough of emotional video game music. My favorite mix of all time is probably the continue/heal-remix from ICO. I would even go so far as to say it has been with me through so many things that this tune has defined a tiny part of me:
  10. Wow, OC Remix is just the best!

  11. I have loved this tune for a long time now, and an electronica-remix would do nicely. I also have a lot of love at the moment for Jojo The Monkey Theme from Monkey Island 2, so if someone could do that too, that would be awesome. Regards!
  12. Yeah, it's fast, slow, happy, sad, all at the same time. I could just hear it forever.
  13. Depends. There are a lot of track in final fantasy 6 that are pretty good. I would say the battle themes are on my top 10.

  14. Hotline Miami 1+2 has some of the most refreshing, inspiring and epic music out there, and my favorite track is "Dust" from the second game that has just been released. A fast electronica-remix of it would do nicely. Other than that, I think that a mash-up between the title/main menu-theme and intro credits-theme from "The Wolf Among Us" could turn into something good. Electronica? And some other ideas: Final Fantasy 10-2: Eternity: Memories of Lightwaves Final Fantasy 10: Blitz Off, Attack, Brave Advancement Final Fantasy 9: Cid's Theme, Mount Gulug, Burmecia, Freya's Theme, Unforgettable Face (a slight remix of Freya's Theme) Final Fantasy 8: Find Your Way (maybe with a choir) Electronica-remixes would be cool. Thank you!
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