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  1. No. Framerate issues are most noticeable on the Wii U. Less common on the Switch TV mode, and effectively nonexistent on the Switch portable mode.
  2. I just want to point out that the Switch, with Joycons removed, is the same size as a New 3ds XL.
  3. Mainline Monster Hunter has been Nintendo exclusive since 3 Ultimate, and while that game saw a WiiU port, the last two were 3DS only because portables are the be all end all in Japan these days. So now we have a portable you can play on your TV. Unless Switch bombs in Japan, Capcom is all but guaranteed to put Monster Hunter on it.
  4. Monster Hunter finally returns to my TV. People may be excited about the portable options, I'm thrilled to finally leave hand held gaming in the dust.
  5. People need to play themselves some Xenoblade so they'll stop making this mistake. The combat in X is built on the systems in Xenoblade. There is no button mashing to speak of.
  6. Agreed, if you're only interested in Zelda and Smash on the Wii U, then you might need to broaden your horizons because you just dismissed a lot of quality, incredibly entertaining games. I've got nine of them sitting on my backlog.
  7. In no order: Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (WiiU) - I really enjoyed DKCR Bravely Default (3DS) - Classic Final Fantasy styled game. Demo's been a lot of fun. Yoshi's New Island (3DS) - will we finally get a true sequel to Yoshi's Island that isn't phoned in? Only time will tell! Smash Bros. 4 (WiiU) - always been a fan of the series. Mario Kart 8 (WiiU) - without F-Zero, this is my only racing franchise left... Child of Light (WiiU) - Ubisoft's little game looks pretty intriguing. Kirby Triple Deluxe (3DS) - assuming we see it released this year, classic Kirby one of my gaming staples. And Monolithsoft's X (WiiU) - Xenoblade was my favorite RPG since Chrono Trigger. Anything else like it immediately rates high on my radar.
  8. Heads up for anyone interested in buying the excellent Lego City Undercover. This title isn't being printed anymore and soon will be hard to find new. Gamestop can't even order it new anymore, just as preowned copies. Grab it while you can! You can still find it on Amazon new for the time being.
  9. Sorry, that is too low. I'm aiming for around $30. These figure models can go for $50 or higher, especially the discontinued ones and what I have is pretty old.

  10. Is $10 for the Mega Man X figure too low? I'd offer more but my budget is painfully limited.

  11. Heads up! I'll be keeping the store open here exclusively for another week. This Saturday (Mar. 16) I'll post my sale on another forum and close shop here. If you're interested in something snag it soon!
  12. If you'd been paying any attention, you'd note she was forced to shut down comments on a few of her videos because the sheer amount of harassment she was getting made any kind of discussion absolutely impossible. If you've made yourself the number 1 target of hate and threats for daring to critique sexism in games, why leave channels open to yet more harassment? The trolls don't let anyone debate her points in good faith. Their spew overrides all others. No point in giving them a stage. Continual harassment like that affects people you know? I've seen far too many bloggers who discussed sexism leave the sphere of discussion all together because the harassment was causing them too much stress, depression, hell, even suicidal thoughts. It can get bad. I blame her not one bit for seeking to limit that sort of toxicity.
  13. Sure I might be but that's a big might. I really can't think of anything I want. Go ahead and link me to your list. Maybe you'll surprise me.
  14. LOL, no, I meant it wasn't available anymore because you were the first person to ask for it so koopa troopa is yours. Edited previous post for clarity.
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