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  1. No. Framerate issues are most noticeable on the Wii U. Less common on the Switch TV mode, and effectively nonexistent on the Switch portable mode.
  2. I just want to point out that the Switch, with Joycons removed, is the same size as a New 3ds XL.
  3. Mainline Monster Hunter has been Nintendo exclusive since 3 Ultimate, and while that game saw a WiiU port, the last two were 3DS only because portables are the be all end all in Japan these days. So now we have a portable you can play on your TV. Unless Switch bombs in Japan, Capcom is all but guaranteed to put Monster Hunter on it.
  4. Monster Hunter finally returns to my TV. People may be excited about the portable options, I'm thrilled to finally leave hand held gaming in the dust.
  5. People need to play themselves some Xenoblade so they'll stop making this mistake. The combat in X is built on the systems in Xenoblade. There is no button mashing to speak of.
  6. Agreed, if you're only interested in Zelda and Smash on the Wii U, then you might need to broaden your horizons because you just dismissed a lot of quality, incredibly entertaining games. I've got nine of them sitting on my backlog.
  7. In no order: Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (WiiU) - I really enjoyed DKCR Bravely Default (3DS) - Classic Final Fantasy styled game. Demo's been a lot of fun. Yoshi's New Island (3DS) - will we finally get a true sequel to Yoshi's Island that isn't phoned in? Only time will tell! Smash Bros. 4 (WiiU) - always been a fan of the series. Mario Kart 8 (WiiU) - without F-Zero, this is my only racing franchise left... Child of Light (WiiU) - Ubisoft's little game looks pretty intriguing. Kirby Triple Deluxe (3DS) - assuming we see it released this year, classic Kirby one of my gaming staples. And Monolithsoft's X (WiiU) - Xenoblade was my favorite RPG since Chrono Trigger. Anything else like it immediately rates high on my radar.
  8. Heads up for anyone interested in buying the excellent Lego City Undercover. This title isn't being printed anymore and soon will be hard to find new. Gamestop can't even order it new anymore, just as preowned copies. Grab it while you can! You can still find it on Amazon new for the time being.
  9. Sorry, that is too low. I'm aiming for around $30. These figure models can go for $50 or higher, especially the discontinued ones and what I have is pretty old.

  10. Heads up! I'll be keeping the store open here exclusively for another week. This Saturday (Mar. 16) I'll post my sale on another forum and close shop here. If you're interested in something snag it soon!
  11. If you'd been paying any attention, you'd note she was forced to shut down comments on a few of her videos because the sheer amount of harassment she was getting made any kind of discussion absolutely impossible. If you've made yourself the number 1 target of hate and threats for daring to critique sexism in games, why leave channels open to yet more harassment? The trolls don't let anyone debate her points in good faith. Their spew overrides all others. No point in giving them a stage. Continual harassment like that affects people you know? I've seen far too many bloggers who discussed sexism leave the sphere of discussion all together because the harassment was causing them too much stress, depression, hell, even suicidal thoughts. It can get bad. I blame her not one bit for seeking to limit that sort of toxicity.
  12. I added some more games to the list.
  13. Sure I might be but that's a big might. I really can't think of anything I want. Go ahead and link me to your list. Maybe you'll surprise me.
  14. LOL, no, I meant it wasn't available anymore because you were the first person to ask for it so koopa troopa is yours. Edited previous post for clarity.
  15. That sounds like a reasonable plan. I accept your Nocturne offer. $25 plus the $4.00 shipping brings the total to $29.00. I'll ship it after receiving payment. Shall I hold off on shipping to see if you also end up with MM7? That way you won't have to pay shipping twice. Care for a free Koopa Troopa? Edit: Nevermind, koopa has been spoken for.
  16. Heh, feel free to low-ball away. I'll just reject any offer that looks too low and make a counter offer. Haggling is fun and educational! Edit: Is $25 your offer for Nocturne?
  17. Uhh, looks like he measures around 4 inches tall. I'll put up a picture of him later today.
  18. Right, pictures for the figures, I need to put up pictures. I'll get on that today.
  19. As you can see, interest in Alundra has been expressed but no one has made an offer yet so it's still available.
  20. Hello hello, Every few years I go through my video game library, replay everything and decide what games it's time to say goodbye to. Tastes change, games age, time for games shrinks and old favorites need to be let go. I've barely cracked the surface on this particular session of "play all the games" but already I've accumulated a small pile of titles to find a new home. Thus I submit to the community a handful of classics for sale. My shipping costs will be around $4.00. I'll ship anywhere in the US. If you live outside the states and really want something, drop me a PM about it and I'll check into shipping costs. You can pay me via PayPal. I'm not putting price tags on these games. Just make me an offer. ***Updated*** I've also got a bit of video game spin-off merchandise (mostly figurines) sitting here in storage. Might as well put it up on offer too. New listings at the bottom. I'll be adding pictures as I'm able. Also note there are no boxes for figures so serious collectors probably shouldn't get too excited. ***Updated*** I've added a few more games to the bottom of the games list. Without further ado: Mega Man 7 (Super Nintendo). Box condition is good with light wear on the corners and edges. Manual and cartridge in excellent shape, even includes that little plastic cartridge cap. Game plays as good as it did when bought new. Extreme-G (N64). Box condition is good with light wear on the corners and edges. Manual and cartridge in excellent shape. Game plays fine and still looks pretty good for an N64 game. Mario Kart 64 (N64). Box condition is good with light wear on the corners and edges, slight fold on corner of flap. Manual, operation card, and cartridge in excellent shape. Game plays fine, though one forgets how much the karts slide in this old game. F-Zero X (N64). Box condition is very good with slight wear on the corners. Manual, operation card, and cartridge in excellent shape. Game still as speedy as ever. Yoshi's Story (N64). Box condition is good with light wear on the corners. Manual, operation card, and cartridge in excellent shape. The Yoshi's singing as saccharine sweet as it's ever been. Mario Tennis (N64). Box condition is good with light wear on the corners and crease on flap. Manual and cartridge in excellent shape. Still plays perfectly. Alundra (PS1).***SOLD *** Klonoa (PS1). Jewel case, manual, and disc in excellent condition. One of the PS1's platformer gems. Mega Man 8 Anniversary Collector's Edition (PS1). Jewel case, manual, anthology booklet, and disc in excellent condition. Apparently Elmer Fudd is in this game. Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne (PS2). Case, manual, and disc in new condition. All the world is a labyrinth but at least Dante is at the bottom of one. Jak and Daxter the Lost Frontier (PS2). Disc and manual in great condition. Case looks fine unless you're like me and upon holding it up to the light and angling it just so wonder who caused the marks on the plastic. Poke'mon Conquest (DS). Case, manual, and cartridge in new condition. Not as good as Fire Emblem, but then, what is? The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass (DS). Case and cartridge in great condition but someone stole the frigging manual. Tales of the Abyss (3DS). ***SOLD*** Poke'mon grab bag. Baggie contains 2 inch figures of Sandslash, Ditto as Pikachu, Wartortle, Totodile, Raticate, Kangaskhan, Kabutops, Dragonair, Cubone, Eevee, and Dratini (I actually remembered all of their names). Also contains a sealed Poke'Park Wii collectable laser cell I picked up at E3 2010. My ancient camera's batteries died right after this shot so we can enjoy that glare. Final Fantasy 7 figures. These are older 5 inch figures of Sephiroth and Vincent (they predate all of the spin-off designs). The arms are posable at the elbows for Vincent and Shoulders/wrists for Sephiroth. Final Fantasy 8 figures. These are 6 inch figures of Irvine with his shotgun (and Rinoa's dog for some reason), Seifer with his gunblade, Zell, and Laguna with his machinegun. There are a few rotating joints but I wouldn't exactly call them posable. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time figures. Link stands at 5 inches and comes with the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. Note, the shield has a bit of damage where it fits onto Link's arm. This doesn't seem to affect how well it actually stays on his arm and isn't particularly visible. Ganondorf stands at 6.5 inches and has no accessories. Mega Man X snap together figure, imported. This one's a bit odd. It's a figure of X with 2 sets of armor you can snap onto him. Freebie Parakoopa Troopa from Super Mario Bros. 1. ***Koopa has been adopted***
  21. What makes Wind Waker stumble is its lack of content in general. Not only does the game have few dungeons, but it has little to do elsewhere, and worst of all, its takes what little content it has and scatters it around a gigantic map. That initial thrill of sailing off to explore quickly fades when you realize there's just not much out on that vast ocean. Compare Majora's Mask. It also has a low number of official dungeons, but fills its overworld with substantial content. It also condenses the overworld so there is very little downtime for players while still maintaining the sense of exploration. Majora's Mask keeps its content pretty dense, Something Skyward Sword also does, though not quite as successfully (ahem, the sky). Also, for the record, Twilight Princess is my number 2 3D Zelda with Skyward Sword number 1.
  22. It's already localized dammit. Bring on the British voice actors!
  23. Yeah, original Japanese version had 10 person rooms but no Wii Speak support. Rooms were cut down to just 4 when the voice chat was added. Considering how nearly unintelligible voices are this was a terrible trade off.
  24. It's getting hard to wait for the game. I read elsewhere that the division of pre-release opinion is only upping the anticipation and I have to agree with this statement. I foolishly passed up my chance for a review copy and now I'm bitter that I haven't already played it But going back and appreciating the older games in the series is a great way to pass the time. If you don't have time to play them yourself or just can't get enough Metroid, then head on over here to read my count down to release articles dedicated to the Metroid series. We also have our Other M review up. The review is a safe read, but warning on the Looking Back series, it's in depth and full of spoilers.
  25. Read my full statement Sir Kneejerk. You said "let's write about how great a game it is". I'm saying We don't know how great a game it is yet. The haters who reject anything different the series dares do and the eternal defenders who will praise any idea no matter how questionable because the developers can do no wrong are equally annoying. I say wait and see and give it a fair shake. (and I said that explicitly to move back on topic, any allusion to previous discussion matter will be ignored unless it's put into a PM, since I recognize it's an unwelcome tangent)
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