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  1. Circle of the Moon has always been underappreciated, both as a game and for its music. Personally I found that its musical style helped in forming a more unique CastleVania experience and it’s nice to see it shows through in this remix. What I’m getting at is this doesn’t sound like your typical CV remix, and that’s a good thing. Just like the game it creates a unique mood. I never heard the original so I can’t comment on how it differs, but as is I love this remix. The percussion is very effective and the unification of tempo helps to bring out the theme. It’s not meant to be dramatic, rather more soothing. Nicely done.
  2. Interesting... Regardless, welcome to OCR. Please leave all valuables under your seat and exit into Gen Disc or UnMod.
  3. No more .txt, etc. Only jpg and gif are allowed now.
  4. Its not a remixing question...I want to know what an ID3v2 tag is, and how it works so I can submit. Is this not the "newbes/tech help" forum? It is, but your initial question to Xelebes was "are you a remixer?" I took that as meaning it was a remixing question.
  5. Hiya! I sure feel welcome here . Are you a ReMixer lebes? Maybe you can help me out with my little question. Try the remixing forum.
  6. While no Castlevanias appeared on that list, this more than made up for it. Welcome!
  7. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. You've got mail. You've got mail. You've got mail. *blue screen of death* *cue grinding noises from hard drive* *cue noises of sledgehammer smashing into hard drive*
  8. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. You've got mail. You've got mail. You've got mail. *blue screen of death*
  9. Greetings to all newbies who read this. I'm draculalucard, Drac for short. I don't really have any advice that hasn't already been said, but I will add something here. I'm a sig maker therefore I frequent the sig makers thread in UnMod, but unfourtunatly I'm not mainstream anymore. Basically I don't make sigs unless I'm specifically asked to do it, or if inspiration strikes. I no longer make sigs for anyone who asks since they usually come out half-assed. However, we do have a few who are still mainstream so you still have a good chance of getting a sig if you ask nicely. Just try to remember that the more information and/or source images you provide, the better your chances. Also if you ever need to know anything about CastleVania, PM me and I'll answer your question as best I can.
  10. For your sig pic, use this link instead: http://apotheosis.tv/files/sonic21.jpg
  11. Lady_Link and anyone else who uses Geocities, to change the file from .jpg to .txt: 1) upload it 2) go to file manager 3) click the box on the left 4) go to rename at the top 5) rename it to .txt There's no need to rename it before uploading.
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