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    Chile, Osorno
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    I Wanna Play The Saxophone, Meet You, FL Studio Composer

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    if you are a chilean or spanish language, can you teach me, how to compo in FL Studio 12 (my genre is electronic variations) why i'm still writin' in english, nevermind, the principal question, why chileans or spanish language, because i can understand, in english grammar is hard but, i understand not at all, maybe this text is a scramble, geez, this is embarrasing, how talk me (do it in Facebook.... watch below.... or gmail. estebangaspar@gmail.com)
    note 1: too lazy for me
    Note 2: this is not a official bio.
    Note 3: i need yo tips, i don't need youtube videos
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    Gaspar Muñoz
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    Student (IT Technician), Composer Novice
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    I never had Play Station
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    Dr. Gaspacho

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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    FL Studio
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    3xOSC, Medusa 2, YMVST
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    Mixing & Mastering
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    Xylophone, Melodica

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  1. That Yosh1.... is dead, now my alias is Dr. Gaspacho (can i change my username?)

    200? - 2013: Yoshigedon

    2014 - 2014: TetraPrisMa

    2014 - 2014: Yosh1PrisMa / Y-PrisMa

    2015 - 2016: Dr. Seph!Rus / Dr. Sephy

    2016 - 20xx: Dr. Gaspacho (Because my second name is Gaspar) 

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