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  1. Thank you for all you’ve done with OverClocked ReMix! I love everything that is OCR and it’s where I started tinkering with the world of music production. I hope you’re able to have more time than you’re expecting to accomplish more than you expect. 🙂 Thank you!
  2. Congratulations, TheVodouQueen! Thank you everyone for your feedback! It's nice to know that I'm improving, even if I didn't win. (Sorry I didn't vote!) @HoboKa, I saw your vote and I completely agree about needing "better" sounds, but I didn't use anything you mentioned. I only used FLEX and one instance of Harmless, plus some drum samples. Do you know of any good sound stuffs that would be worth getting?
  3. I has submitted an entry! Happy New Year, everyone!
  4. @Liontamer I don't think so. I just downloaded the "Dungeonmans Remanstered" torrent and had the same issue. I think it only happens when songs that are "next" to each other have the same "Work" tags, as in this album's case. When an album (like Speeding Towards Adventures) has multiple games in the sources, iTunes doesn't do anything because the "Work" tags are different. My solution is to take the info in the "Work" tag and put it in the "Grouping" tag. I have no idea what these different tags do, but it works for me. These are the albums I mentioned for reference. https://ocremix.org/info/Dungeonmans_Remanstered https://sonic25.ocremix.org/
  5. @HoboKa I think you set the deadline to AM instead of PM by mistake. ThaSause says 8 hours left until the deadline.
  6. Submitted my bonus by the skin of my teeth! The most awesome feeling is when the clock changes just as you click submit and it goes through anyway!
  7. I'm asking for clarification, this means that you will no longer be accepting sources from console systems released after the above, such as the Xbox360 and Wii, correct? I'm a little disappointed with this change, but I agree that some newer soundtracks can be intimidating and hard to work with in MnP. For what it's worth, I support your decision and I hope it brings more participants! BTW I'm working on my bonus and I hope to have it done by the deadline.
  8. Maybe it's because nobody's heard of a McDonald's video game before?
  9. What I've done for myself is remove the "Work" tag in iTunes. That fixes the problem for me.
  10. This is my favorite song from Super Mario Galaxy and I'm very happy OCR has a remix of it now! I really like the sound design, especially the synths! This is probably my new favorite OC ReMIx!
  11. Submitted! Fun fact, this is my 123rd post on this forum. I thought that was kinda cool.
  12. Main() { createRemix("PRC410_McDonalds_Treasure_Land_Adventure_-_Magical_Town.mid", Kick1.wav, Kick2.wav, Snare1.wav, etc...); } public Remix createRemix(midi, drum_samples) { openFL(); insertMIDI(midi); changeSounds(); addDrums(drum_samples); addColors(); //The most important step. //addOriginalContent(); mix(); song_name = "D̸̕͞ ҉̡͟͏͡ ̷̧́M̶̛͝c̵͝ ̸̕͟͠͝i̢̨͡҉p̷̛'̷̧̧̕ ̢̡ ̴̛́͟T͏̕h̸̡̛̀ ̴͟͜͜m̡͘ "; return finishedSong; } Long story short, I'm working on something! I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow morning, but we'll see. I'm not sure if this makes sense, but it was fun to write! I found the messed up text here: http://www.eeemo.net/
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