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  1. my brain is collapsed by this song, i think don't understand how works this remix (point of view: or is very complex to interpret)
  2. That Yosh1.... is dead, now my alias is Dr. Gaspacho (can i change my username?)

    200? - 2013: Yoshigedon

    2014 - 2014: TetraPrisMa

    2014 - 2014: Yosh1PrisMa / Y-PrisMa

    2015 - 2016: Dr. Seph!Rus / Dr. Sephy

    2016 - 20xx: Dr. Gaspacho (Because my second name is Gaspar) 

  3. Team Knight - Shovel Power (Shovel Knight vs. Tinker Knight) Team Robot - Not So Deviant Ballade (Ballade vs. Tinker Knight) Team Robot - Tinkering on Pluto (Pluto vs. Tinker Knight)
  4. It is recommended not to disturb the administrator, because this song is very aggressive for my body, but seriously speaking I love it a lot, I really did not expect to hear an aggressive remix of Mr. djpretzel (I like it so much added as a favorite on my playlist on my phone) Before ending this text, I imagine djpretzel throwing money like a champion with this song ~Dr. Sephy
  5. I know that it is too late to react this,Life is hard but harder the vegetable i love his songs
  6. I feel that this album is going to be so good that I can almost taste it
  7. There is a lot of silence on this topic .... I have not received notifications in my phone for a long time (on this topic)
  8. don't worry I'm not rush to release the album, i'm a person who has lots of patience slow but safe
  9. this guy posted 17 posts in only 1 topic despite the redundancy this is more annoying when you bite your tongue instead of chewing gum
  10. it's happening... I do not want to make a lot of noise, I'll want to keep for later
  11. I can not contradict a person who is skilled in music hey, don't worry i never said that your song was bad ... it's just the opposite I like so much
  12. i don't know it was a dream or was it real I saw on the claim list (first page) saw a man named GaMeBoX (I think I am confused)
  13. there is much silence on this topic
  14. This is the longest project I've seen in my life ... i know someday will be released, I still have a little hope
  15. hello guys, since the unexpected farewell of a veteran, I wondered. What will happen with these songs unfinished? sorry for using unexpected farewell.... Thank you for your attention
  16. just listen to the percussion.... thats very suspicious or I think I have illusions, what do you think about this? ^
  17. i have a question: if the duo is called Helicopter Knife Fight (Sir_NutS & Jivemaster), Why the group name does not appear on the page? that is to say: just says Sir_NutS & Jivemaster instead Helicopter Knife Fight i do not know if I explain myself very well I say this not cause confusion passing another point I like the retro music it feels like 80 or 90
  18. mate ... this event has not yet begun (EN) parceiro ... este evento ainda não começou (BR/PORTUGUESE)
  19. geez.. jesus christ...wow... i have no words... this song it makes me remember Metallica (I like so much) also it reminds me a Become Death - timaeus222 and Sir Jordanius (BA3) in this moment my brain exploded as if it were a chain reaction in other words.... just i like it
  20. I would like to participate in this event but I'm just a guy with no musical experience, but maybe these people as @YoshiBlade @Amphibious @Sir_NutS @Tuberz McGee IDK I It is not an obligation, but perhaps it might be interesting I selected these people at random because I really have no idea ... please do not kill me and if these four people is not available .... well at least try calling your attention
  21. how far the music is perfect? I think that is the point of view of a person can say "this music is perfect" for example if I say that this song is perfect, the other person will say otherwise..... perfect can have their minimum fault ... then nothing this world is perfect the last thing I said not make much sense IDK if I write very clearly ... I could write in Spanish but most of these people understand in English
  22. too much Undertale in one day.... seems an OCRA That's Supicious.... passing another point this remix makes me chillout 10/10
  23. this seems the sequel Esther's Dreams (so good) the essence of jazz makes me feel like I could fly away (i love jazz music) the truth is they did an excellent job sorry for my english EDIT: all songs are my favorite
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