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  1. Like the trip-hoppy breakbeat and the laidback tone of the track.
  2. Badass remix... Probably my favorite so far, I find it quite original. The orchestration/arrangements are very well done. Dig the more mellow part with the soft electro drums.
  3. Oh my, I remember playing Alex Kidd in Miracle Wold on the SMS when I was young. I actually remember this music! This remix is well done for sure.
  4. Sounds good, but I think there's way too much reverb on the drums and on some parts. If it's wanted, then cool, but if it's not I think the track would sound better and more powerful if there was less reverb and more grit/compression/saturation.
  5. Very catchy tune, sounds really good, the glitchy parts are well done but I think they could have been improved. Otherwise, it's great!!
  6. Sounds really good, the drums sound fine to me, it's tight. How did you make it?
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