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  1. You know the one! The song Pauline sings in the trailer! The first official Mario game to have lyrics in it! Yeah, it's a real banger, so I challenge... yeah that's right, challenge... someone to make an improvement on it!
  2. I can recognize a song by Zircon within the first few seconds he's both amazing, and immediately recognizable.
  3. I'm sure everyone's heard this song before, so I find it kinda odd that there's no covers of it yet.
  4. To be honest, I don't like the game, but you are right that the soundtrack kicks ass!
  5. Ooh lah lah! It seems that since I've posted this, there have been a lot of remixes, both posted here, and just in general! Though, I'm still holding out on one being good enough to be submitted and subsequently make it past the all-judging ears of the OCRemix judges.
  6. Yo, just gonna add a remix someone else made to this thread. It's certainly going on my playlist.
  7. Undertale is a hella game with a hella chiptune soundtrack. It's got some really damn good tracks in it. Enough I needed more link words. Which isn't a surprise, considering the game's creator. With the exception of one pretty good arrangement (AFAIK).... there just isn't that many quality remixes of songs from the game. Which is a problem. I have a rule against putting video game OSTs straight up on my musical playlist. As awesome as a song is in-game, it doesn't have the same impact on a musical playlist when it's a 30 second loop with no proper ending. I LIVE for OCremix because of this. So hopefully I convinced one of y'all to give remixing a song from here a go, and if I haven't, maybe one of y'all will play it, and then MAYBE remix a song a long time from now. That's my pitch, roll with it.
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