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  1. Sorry for that "Master Mi", not goomba!! This OST sound nice. Perhaps, I'll do that when I got more time. Thanks for this advise.
  2. Thank you. I just read the topic for submission and I understood what change I gave to do. I'll submit this track. I'll try with streetfighter and Donkey Kong
  3. Thank you very much Wario. all your analyse will be very helpful. It seems that because my poor english I didn't understand the mod review et OCR submission. I thought that when I put "mod review" in tag, it was enough to be "reviewed". I didn't understand what is the OCR submission and where I could do that? If you can explain me it'll be helpful (and sorry to take your time lije that, you already do that). Thanks a lot.
  4. Thanks Goomba. I'm a noob on this site and my english is not so good. You said : "try it an give 'em to the judges" Is it an expression or a real advise (I'm sorry for this strange question)? For mastering, you seems to be a pro. I'm not very good in this domain and I'm not expert on EBUR128 but for compression en limiting, I really don't like it. I prefer for orchestral version use natural sample without compression. I'll do my best. Thank's for your support.
  5. Hi guys I did this cover last month to experiment orchestral cover. This game was for me the fist game I played. The main theme stay in your mind when you listen it. Sorry for that. My cover : Original version :
  6. I'm agree with Slime. It's beautiful. I don't know the original track. It's sweet and dreamfully (i don't know if I can say this in english). If I may propose something, perhaps woodwind at the beginnig like Oboe would be nice (I remembered that you had a nice sample collection). Good work.
  7. Thanks for your comments. It'll help me. Why did you say bubble bobble?
  8. Hi. I did a funk cover of Koopa Beach theme from Super Mario Kart. If you have some comments an advises, It'll be nice for me. The original version :
  9. Well. Thank you for all of that. I'll go for woodwinds and brass (when money come ). And nice work.
  10. I didn't try that, I'll test it. I work with kontakt and Albion and I never had this problem. I have 16G Ram.
  11. Ok. Thank's for your answer. I have symphonic choir and sometimes there is somes clicks sound so I hesitate to buy EWHO. Is there a big difference between symphonic orchestra and Hollywood's series?
  12. I completely forgot this track. Nice choice. I've listen it one my computeur (with big bad dirty sound) so I cannot tell you if it's ok for the weight.
  13. Hi. I had just bought Albion Spitfire and I wanted to test it on a track. I choosed the epic theme of Guile. I tried to make it big and loud. You'll recognize the them of Ryu too. Enjoy and thanks for your comments and advises. It'll help me.
  14. I like it. Which sample did you use for it? Woodwinds seems good.
  15. Hi. It's my first post on this nice forum. I did an orchestrated version of secret of Mana title theme. I did my best, thanks for your comments. Enjoy. Youtube version : Soundcloud version : https://soundcloud.com/anausicaker/secret-of-mana-opening-title-orchestrated
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