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  1. Thank you very much for all your comment. I'm absolutely not familiar with electro production then It'll help me a lot. I understand what you said about the mixing part. It's not very simple to do that, especially when you use many program. Thanks.
  2. Thank you very much for you comment Slimy. It'll help me for the next step. Thanks
  3. Hi. I tried this little mix from Starfox Snes. Corneria (first mission) Original
  4. Hi. I tried to do something with overworld theme of Super Mario Land. Enjoy Original :
  5. Hi everybody. It been a long time. I am testing Reaktor and I tried a little monosynth analog track with monark. It's my first try of electronic song so let me know what you thought. I hope you'll like it. Thanks to listen.
  6. Hi Jeremy. I tried this. I hope you'll enjoy.
  7. Hi. This is my new cover from Zelda : A Link to the Past. Princess Zelda's Rescue. Enjoy
  8. I like this music and this version. Perhaps it's little repetitive on the first part of the track. The second part is awesome. (Et pourtant je ne suis pas trop fan des guitares elec...)
  9. Good Job. I like it. sometimes, it's seems that some intruments are not with the pulse (at the begining). And if I can say it, the guitars are little hard to me. I'm agree about the piano.
  10. Thank you very much for your reply
  11. Hi. I tried to make something with the Moon Theme of Ducktale (Nes). This theme was remixed a lot of time so I tried something new. It's an orchestral version with some Pachelbel pattern in the third part of the track. Let me knom if you like it. Enjoy Original :
  12. Hi. I like it. It's beautiful. I don't know if you wanted that but at the begining, there's a little delay between the string tremolo and the muted brass. It's strange I listened at 1:20 a sort of loop on the tremolo. Perhaps you can fix it? At 2:05, the short flute note seems no natural In the middle, I'm not sure but I didn't heard Reeds. Perhaps, It'll give some thickness (it's the word in french sorry if you don't understand). At 3:30 i'm not a fan of picolo. There's a clip at 3:50 Personally, I like percussion like Timbal roll or Taiko. Perhaps, it'll be fine in your piece. (It's my humble opinion)
  13. Hi Everyone. I used to post in ReMix forum but today, I'm here to present you my own composition for the video games Pankapu. In this project, I have the opportunity to work with Hiroki Kikuta (secret of mana, the indivisible...) and that's an honour for me . It's my first contract as composer for video game. I'm glad to present you "under the roots". I hope that you'll enjoy it. We are on kickstarter for the game so if you like the project, please tell around and support us. Our Kickstarter page : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tookindstudio/pankapu-the-dreamkeeper
  14. Hi. It's not a promise but after my actual remix, perhaps I'll go for this.
  15. Hi erverybody. I did this last week so let me know if you like it. I tried to make it salsa and peace. Thanks for your comments.
  16. Well done Jenswul. I like it. I just listen it on my computer. I think that the mixing is good. At 1:18 and at 2:13, it sound a little wet for me but perhaps it's what you want. I like the Xylo style. The beat is little dry for me (but I'm in love with reverb)
  17. Hi. This is my new cover from Snes. Donkey Kong Country is a funny game and the main theme is amazing. I tried here to make it more tribal with african sample. Original theme :
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