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  1. Hi. I can just tell on thing. You use too much compression to my mind. Perhaps you can so play with the bass line to make it cooler.
  2. This is the laste version pour eval. All feedback will be good for me. The name for OCR will be "no sense Paradise".
  3. I love your version. NIce work. Main Theme of Mario goes with everything.
  4. Hi. New wip. I've just finish the track. I need now humanized, clean instrument, work about transition and level ajusting. Lot of work but the structure is now finish.
  5. Thank you Sir_NutS. As you said, the konami jingle it just here for fun. In the final track, I'll cut it. For the transition, I'm agree with you, I have to work on it. Concerning the humanisation, I'll do that when I'll finish the track. Thank you
  6. New update Vic Viper Theme is finished. Go for Pentarou, I tried to mix with other theme.
  7. Hi. I'm not an expert with mastering but it sound strange with my equipement. It sounds like there was a hard low cut or too much compression. Perhaps someone else will tell you more about that.
  8. Thank you Kumori. Happy to see that there are another fans of this game. I'll finish don't worry.
  9. Hi. This is my new project for judges. I'm working on it and just want to show it before I end it. This an orchestral mix project. You'll find here title screen (parodious dance), character select (Hello Paro Chan) and Theme of vic viper and Pentarou. I'll develop another character theme and try to mix it. All feed back are welcome. Thanks to you. Edit 21/6 Wip 2 - I fishined Vic viper Theme and go for Mixing Pentarou Theme Edit 30/06 Wip 3 EDIT 4/6 Final version for evaluation here... Original : My Remix
  10. Thank you very much for all your feedback. I'm very proud and honored to have my track on OCR collection.
  11. Hi there. I share this short medley from a Indie (and famous) game. I compose the OST. Enjoy
  12. MAJ : 29/05 The Office Theme (a lot of pleasure to did this...) Original
  13. Thank you very much. I choose to begin with title theme because I never find cover of it. I work on the first stage and I think that'll be good with it. I'll post it soon.
  14. What I mean is that for example at 4sec, there's something little hard with the sample and after it's pianissimo. I think that is good for humanization but by moment the note transition are strange. It's just my point of view. Good work.
  15. Hi. MAJ : 29/05 The Office Theme (a lot of pleasure to did this...) Original It been a long time since I have post something. I work now on Gremlins 2 nes OST. This game was for me absolutely amazing (I remember all password despite I play it 20 years ago... ) So, I probably try to remix all the OST. If you have any suggestion, I'll be please to hear that. Thx First, the title screen : Original Track :
  16. HI. I like your remix, nice work. If I can suggest some things, the velocity of piano seems to be hard sometimes.
  17. Hi. I post here an original track from the game Pankapu : The dreamkeeper. I made this music. Enjoy
  18. Hi. I post this work today. An french artist, Jérôme Brulin who worked on Wakfu and work now on Pankapu, an Indie Game, asked me to make music about his art. I tried this.
  19. Hi. Yesterday, I was completely lost in my mind and I made a cover of Tetris Music Type A. It's strange and weird... I decided to post it anyway.
  20. Hi. This is a new track. I used ROUND od Native Instrument to remix a famous theme from JS Bach, Prelude in C major. Please enjoy.
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