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  1. To me the synthsetup has a strong "Jochen Hippel"-esque feeling. Try searching for the Amberstar-soundtrack (Commodore Amiga version) on YT to get an idea. Throws me way back into my childhood gaming memories, both hurting and soothing my soul at once. I love it, too.
  2. The part between 3:10 and 3:20 sounds to me like the song is skipping fastforward in an erroneous way - like I remember from listening to broken CDs on a CD-player. Maybe it's just me and I am getting too old for this kind of effects (in case it's intended), but I wanted to report in case it isn't. I downloaded the song twice and listened to it on YouTube. No difference. There are also a few other parts where I think for a very short moment that something is off. But as said: Maybe it's just me. Beside that it's a great remix though.
  3. I wondered for a long time why this song gives me such a strong nostalgic feeling although I never played DKC2. Now I figured it out: The beginning of this remix sounds close enough to the beginning of the C64-Version of the game Zorro to make my subconciousness go "awwwwwh good old times!". Here is a YT-link for reference: But I guess even without these memories I would agree that this is a excellent remix of a good song. Thank you for sharing it.
  4. A lovely remix of a great song. I like it a lot because of the instrument arrangement that live up to the original and improve it even further. However there is something that flaws my joy when listening to it. And it's hard for me to describe it because I neither am a native English speaker/writer, nor am firm in musical terminology. I give it a try anyway and hope that it's understood as constructive criticism. The "bass" accompaniment that starts at 1:01 differs from the original, resulting in a different harmonic together with the lead. Maybe it's not even "wrong". In the end this is a remix, not a 1:1-cover and Tuberz McGee might have intentionally chosen it. But to me it sounds off, because my brain is used to the original so much, that it expects a different harmonic. If I am not mistaken, then the difference is on the second stroke, where in the original is goes up, but in this remix it goes down. Maybe there are other differences. I am having a hard time to tell. As already mentioned above I still like the remix, but I would die .... wait a moment, no ... I would kill ... erm ... no, not even that. But I would love to listen to a version of this song where the harmonics are exactly as in the original. I know it's not going to happen. I am just dreaming a bit. :) Still thank you very much for creating this nice remix and sharing it with us.
  5. Oh gosh. That simple. I am a bit disappointed that I didn't find that source myself. Thanks for investigating and sharing it.
  6. When opening the song #3176 (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03176) in foobar2000 (MS Windows) the "Track No"-column of the playlist shows the value "1.3176" instead of just "3176". Even more strangely when opening the song-property-window in foobar, the track number is shown correctly. Two other programs show it correct too (XMplay and Mp3Tag). I know very little about id3tags especially from a developers point of view, but there seems to be something that confuses foobar. The question of interest here is: Is it just a flaw of foobar or is there something wrong with the id3tag, too (something like a special character that shouldn't be use in a tag-field-value). Maybe someone is interested in this issue. Maybe not. If you find something, then please let me know, so i can decide if it's worth bugreporting to the foobar2000-developers. It's the only issue in foobar I had so far among all 3000+ ocremixes (and other mp3s).
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