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  1. So help me god, if all the tracks on the EP get false copyright claims, then i'm really suspicious
  2. Seriously... check this out, uploaded second track of my EP into youtube, another copyright claim http://postimg.org/image/ue9lk29vz/
  3. Ok, so i am getting rather often some false copyright claims on my own compositions in Youtube, when i add them there. I asked about this problem in Facebook, couple of folks said that it was caused by some random copyright search engine that usually tends to make mistakes, it's just getting annoying to always make an argument (at least i think that would be the correct word as it is 'kiistauta' in Finnish, translation would be like 'make an argument' or 'debate' or something similar) over the claims. Of course they go away after a while when i have made the argument but still i'm almost getting suspicious already or at least slightly annoyed. Is it normal? When you guys add your songs into Youtube, do you get false copyright claims often? Took a screen capture as i was making an argument over it: http://postimg.org/image/5frovzu6n
  4. Agree. Never should a man or a woman, think that there weren't room for improvement. Some things are made way too easy today also and therefore the skills of everyone are basically decreasing when there is no "need" to be better.. so to speak. But none should think like that. There is always room for improvement. Limitations are only physical
  5. Well i shall try to adjust the vibrato and maybe even make a whole song out of that for example, as in use that as one half of the chorus and add some other sounds, some piano lead and adjust the bass with more modulation and loudness for example. Only need to continue it half more and make intro/verse etc. Mix, EQ and master it better. But still the thing about using virtual instruments and especially sound designs and so on, is that it does not necessarily have to be the most realistic thing ever, as long as it sounds good. For example when you listen the electro house songs nowadays that majority likes, how could one possibly make such kicks and weird leads and other sound effects with any real instruments? Or don't even get me started on growls and drones and screeches. The answer is with nothing. Nothing at all except computers. And by the way imagine if you will.. ;D some basic techno house song played by real instruments, one guy hitting the bass drum and snare repeatedly for minutes and one guy playing some weird ass festival type of brass that makes almost a saw wave type of sound with shit ton of effects or just hitting some cowbell there. Basically same thing as DJs play in festivals nowadays whilst jumping up and down on a stage or jumping to the crowd to be carried around with bunch of people or throwing a freaking cake at their face? just why.. why..??
  6. Ok so, as i am working on several EP's already and other new music all the time and am not in a label or anything, i searched how to add music to beatport for sell and this came up: http://www.basewaredistribution.com/ But it also says (when i got the email from them) that i would have to be on a label or something to get them distributed in the first place (and also have 3 EP's ready for distribution which i don't have.. YET). So is being in a label the only way to be heard and get my music distributed for if i were to want to get paid from music or get fans or something? Actually i have no idea whatsoever, how to proceed and i would already seriously want to fund my productions better, and well life as well (living is too expensive, especially trying to be happy with delicious foods and owning a freaking car), and it seems some of those songs in top charts are so simple that i could easily try to make something similar house music, and if people would want to buy those productions of mine, i would get even greater purpose for music productions than own fun while doing it. As in if i could even earn living from it. Is it possible though? Of course i would have to make good enough, really fine tuned music, and more and more of it, first, in order for people to want more and to be willing to pay for my work, but do i really need to start contacting labels? Or can i just basically try to go on my own? How?
  7. Actually it was originally stronger but when i open the project again, those two vertical knobs always jump back down unless i have made automation already for them. Wonder is there another way to keep them up all the time rather than making separate automation. This is with faster vibrato
  8. Man, this is awesome. There will be music. Didn't use slur legato on this either because i liked how the fast notes got more emphasized with bow change legato
  9. The expression seems to be rising on several notes on some violin leads so got to test and see what would sound about good.. I can only imagine what kind of violin songs i can make with this, from full orchestral and rock like music to dnb, dubstep and other edm. Awesome stuff.
  10. Yeah it's hard for me to understand what slur is while using this plugin, as it is a virtual violin, so one bow stroke note changes is kind of unfamiliar concept for me.. as i make note modulations in a piano roll and also i have no information on real violins whatsoever, all and all, except from listening violins and doing my own stuff by pitch ear with using virtual ones, and now that i am taking lessons from you, i am learning about them. What is natural expression use then? I assume that after the note starts, it fades away slightly as in basically the volume goes down a bit? That would require ridiculous amount of automation especially on the really short, fast 1/16 bar notes, if i were to use it for them. Also it's basically C#4, the red key switch if not tampered with the octaves when it changes into slur legato but did not know that either. Thanks. There is truly a huge difference between bow change legato and slur legato. also and what are those usually? And although not necessary to know, still do real instrument violinists basically press the bow down harder while moving it on the strings to make them louder? of course.. why am i even asking.. My motor skills would not most likely allow me to play real violin with any talent whatsoever unless i had one, and practiced years, and years, for my muscle memory to perform it right. Well i couldn't most likely play any instruments that good.. Which is one of the reasons i like DAW producing with virtual ones (not just violins as i can basically use any instrument on my compositions and time them easily etc) as i can compose new music fast and effectively.
  11. That's great man. Do you mean portamento by slur? As in the slower note change, so to speak? Also tried to play around with expression and velocity on this, not only vibrato, what ya think? I personally always love making my own compositions rather than trying to imitate something that already exists even though there are huge benefits on the learning part when making a remake. Should try to remake Crystallize for example. The entire song. But improvising for the win still, all the clips i have posted above, i made by just trying stuff until they sound about ok. Composing is fun
  12. Adjusting velocities might bring out more realism in it surely. But what on earth is MIDI CC 11.. scratch that just checked the parameters, expression. Was not aware of such knob. Thank you once more, i shall try it. I did make those yesterday and this next link today in a hour or so just a moment ago, wanted to basically try combining solo guitar and solo violin ha the transitions from guitar to violin are not good as i basically played around with volume knobs although it kind fits still.. more or less.. .. and also just made rather quick dubstep beat and sustain chords in the background Yes actually putting even more emotion and time into the work, that would definitely have better results. But for example i was not aware of the expression knob until you said it now so.. Everyday you learn something new with the help of loved ones. You know.. because i love you thank you. Any more advice?
  13. Haha, awesome. i love this violin. My production possibilities are much greater now. As in having truly fun with that and making some cool stuff.
  14. Thanks guys for all the advice i really appreciate it. Here is one clip i have worked on today for one of my next EPs. I started using it from halfway of this clip as it can be heard. What y'all think? Note. as i really made that today, all mixing and mastering and other stuff are in the first phase
  15. I did not quite catch that first sentence? what i meant was that i have to drag the notes back down around 1 sixteenth of a bar from the point i would want them to play, more or less.. so that the timing would be good when they start playing compared to the beat for example. But yes vibrato is not necessary on really short notes and i just watched a video from youtube how to automate knobs inside kontakt (amazingly never have had to do that before only one time tweaks without modulating them effects on the go..) and now i can control the vibrato easily to rise on long notes for example etc. Let there be realistic violin leads now. On that video i was just improvising and it truly represents itself when i change from white keys to black keys for example as if i changed the song all of a sudden (by the way i have in my ignorance done that on few of my "published" tracks earlier on also, making too different chords and stuff all of an sudden. I am merely learning tho). Also i had never heard of these terms slurs nor hammer on, but i looked them up and slurs basically means smooth note modulation as in changing the notes on the go for example with one direction bow movement, is it not? and hammer on, on guitar means playing the string without playing the string with the "playing" hand but rather snapping finger on the string with the chord hand, is it not? I assume in DAW terms, you mean making quick note modulations?
  16. Although it has major delay so it should be either recorded while playing with MIDI to fit OR simply moving the start point of the notes slightly earlier than the "starting line" should be ...so that the violin lead would fit for the composition and timing would be correct. Kind of a surprise that one. You guys know how to adjust attack or something on it so that the delay would be gone?
  17. Hey thank you guys for the response, i shall look into this particular library, seems really cool though from the examples i am listening currently from the website. Apparently it has internal vibrato and all, no need for trying to mess around with pitch control
  18. Ok, so i have wanted to make cool solo violin leads for a long time with realistic note modulations as in it would sound real when changing notes. Of course some amount of velocity should be changed so any virtual violin would sound real, but what i am looking for is that it would sound as if i were playing the violin myself and recording it. For example basically could make something like Lindsey Stirling plays: I mean c'mon the possibilities what could be done if there were a plugin that allowed to make such violin leads. Or does it still need to be just an recording for the best violins to have the best violin compositions?
  19. Those violins are amazing and really realistic, i personally love some fine sustain violins. May i ask what plugin/library you used for making that melody on the start? Also as an answer to your last message, i personally love the Brass Solo from Native Instruments for horns, which i used on this for example but haven't even tried Brass Ensemble as i don't have it, which would most likely be even more realistic for full orchestral brass library, so i advice you to check them out from the official website and also check out some reviews from youtube etc if they are the brass patch you are looking for, but don't count on my words still and get them just because i said so, i advice only to check it out if they were to be to your liking.
  20. By the way, do you know why it is kind of funny to name my upcoming EP as "Sunshine EP"? Because my last name in Finnish is equivalent to the English translation sunshine. I was at some points bullied in the past about it also but now it feels like just freaking hilarious name to have, don't give a fuck if someone would want to make fun of it (for example sing a song (Sunshine and Goblin) that includes the word), not a child anymore who gets insulted over empty words or harmless fun.
  21. Thank you very much. And well basically i did intentionally use the same virtual sustain violins to make the chords i wanted to start every song. I personally like it and as it is an EP under the same name i basically thought that the tracks should have something in common even though they also change into lot's of different genres as they go along, and i did not get that many of great new ideas in a short period of time either as i kind of rushed making it but not entirely still. It's kind of an ambient orchestral start for songs, more or less. And even though i have already quite a collection of virtual instrument libraries to play with plugins and sound design plugins, i still would require more to make even more different tunes although i could already in some amounts of course as i have already, and if i were to focus more on melodic sound designs for example, that would allow me to make more different saw wave melodies etc. Or for example start off with some smooth piano melody or something. This EP "is only a tiny part, of worlds, yet untold" (get it ) as i am currently already working on 2 more EP's ('Orchestral Redemption EP' and a full house EP under the Name 'Sunshine EP') and also 2 remixes and many more to come. And also yeah, i had really hard time with 'Whatever' as the sound designs aren't the easiest to make and especially mix properly. trying to practice my skills all the time when i produce. Thank you for the feedback, truly appreciate.
  22. But to get back into the topic of the topic, as i was working on my remix and had several Serum designs, it most definitely presents itself in all the growls and drones in which i modulate wavetable positions, bends and filter with macros. I literally should just render them until i can find the best render.
  23. Well true.. Can't argue with one sort of logic in it. For example, to go into slightly lesser thingy that i would understand even more than basic celebrity adoring, IF there is no real reason for it other than superficial (he/she is good looking for example) stuff: If a person was in love ( what is love T.T ) with someone, they most likely will love basically everything the person does no matter of it's real "value". Pretty much how some gifts etc should work for example, rather than expecting something needed or wanted necessarily, one should respect the other for giving the thing in the first place, BUT not saying that someone who is giving the gift still should not care what to get to the other as in of course take in account what the person for whom it is for likes or especially not "buy the love of the person".. well that is rather controversial now when i think about it kind of.. but not exactly. Basically i did explain what i mean. Emotional attraction to the person or fame, makes people like anything the person does more. But still some amount of REALLY superficial stuff is going on in the world also and a lot of discrimination just because someone looks different or behaves different for that reason, everyone hates the different/odd one and bully them. I will never understand still how shallow or especially rude can some people be also. No one cares about feelings anymore. They care about how everything looks or the benefit they get themselves, am i right? For example let's say a person has hundreds of friends in facebook and everyone likes that persons selfies and the person gets everywhere because of looks and the "fame". Then someone who works hard but is not pretty or very "likable normal" personality does not get far and is taken for granted or used.. I for example don't care that i don't have real friends because i'm not even trying to get friends as an introvert and don't care that much about what others think about me, but still slightly do because of course i would not want to insult people for no reason at all nor would i want to be hated because who would for example want to support me if everyone hated me? But still the things in society (lack of empathy for example as in people treating other people like they were shit) that seem to be really off and causes others to suffer, and if it means some hate me when i state some real facts even if they aren't pleasant and almost complain how much there are things going that aren't nice or whatever, so be it. I haven't got much to lose because i have nothing basically. I would just want other people to also at least wonder slightly how things are getting into corrupted, racist, superficial and highly unequal direction sometimes. Although i think they are slightly better nowadays still in some things compared to past but still there should be a better peace situation among all. Whoa getting seriously off-topic.. should just stop writing and continue with other stuff. Wanted to make it clear though.
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