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Found 6 results

  1. I Need a Celtic Drums likes Bodhrán VST,BEST FOR FREE!THANK YOU
  2. Finally, at the end of the month, this will happen : I have nothing more to say because I'm speechless. I want the beta so bad (hey Ansonou ).
  3. I spent a few weeks here and there working on it, and this is the first time I tried to film myself during the creation process. I had the hardest time trying keep my guitar sound consistent, and sadly had to compromise with a buzzing in it here and there. I hope you guys enjoy it.
  4. Ok, so i have wanted to make cool solo violin leads for a long time with realistic note modulations as in it would sound real when changing notes. Of course some amount of velocity should be changed so any virtual violin would sound real, but what i am looking for is that it would sound as if i were playing the violin myself and recording it. For example basically could make something like Lindsey Stirling plays: I mean c'mon the possibilities what could be done if there were a plugin that allowed to make such violin leads. Or does it still need to be just an recording for the best violins to have the best violin compositions?
  5. https://www.izotope.com/en/products/effects-instruments/ddly-dynamic-delay/ Easy to use and cool sound, it takes a bit of ram though (around 125mb). Just thought I'd post it here since I didn't see a post about it yet. Stops being free March 10.
  6. like the title says, I made 4 VSTs, and now I'm sharing them: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9hjaj0haa0u3uxv/anosci+-+4+VSTs+%281504RC2%29.zip a brief description of each: DoFi: a toy that makes vocal-esque sounds. STriFE: ringmod-based synth, really cool at chords and leads F2FM: FM/PM synth with a filter before the carrier BRSfx: simulates a bad radio signal, sort of. here's a quick demo of the 3 synths: https://soundsfromsci.bandcamp.com/album/4-vsts-from-anosci these were all made with synthmaker, so it's nothing too fancy. but they're fun (especially DoFi.) I'd love to hear what you make with these, thoughts, etc
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