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Mighty Bear 7

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    Windsor, Ontario
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    Physical and Electronic Music, Interactive media, Creative Programming

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    I am a classically trained musician who loves to compose and produce music. My strength is also my weakness, versatility. I love analysing and breaking down textures, but I have difficulty sticking to just one style of writing.
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    David Bergeron
  • Occupation
    Music Teacher

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    3. Very Interested
  • Software - Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
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    Arrangement & Orchestration
  • Instrumental & Vocal Skills (List)
    Electric Guitar: Lead
    Electric Guitar: Rhythm
  • Instrumental & Vocal Skills (Other)
    Classically trained guitarist, Shred metal devotee

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About Me

Some know me for my guitar playing, some my compositions, some for producing, some for my installation art, some for my max patches, some for experimental pieces...I am interested and care about a lot. I currently live, study and work in Windsor Ontario, Canada. 

I will expand this profile in the future, just send a message if you have any more questions. 

Mighty Bear 7 / David Bergeron :-D


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