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  1. Last month I put together a band for a single weekend. These are personal friends, fellow VGM musicians I've met over the years (online and in person), and my best friends: Strader and Juja. My career doesn't allow me to be social (so my friends are internet folks) or to go on an actual tour with a 'band', so I came up with the idea of taking my fictional 'band' on a fictional 'tour'. We all met up for the first time in a recording studio the day before our only show and hit 'record' on our practice session. The intent was to release a fake live 'world tour' album, complete with fake chee
  2. I thought September was the final deadline and was pretty far along toward finishing this... However... Strader is our buddy and the guy who introduced us to OC Remix. He's been helping us over the years to get to a point where one of our songs would finally be accepted. With respect to all of you involved in the project (except Geoffrey) Juja and I are going to bow out.
  3. Just wanted to say a quick thanks for letting me be involved. This is my first time being involved in an OC Remix project and I'm quite excited!
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