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  1. I know this is 4 years late but... Harmonyofahunter.net is down. Thankfully, there are mirrors to both HoaH albums. Will there ever be a Hoah101 version with no crossfade released?
  2. I love this. http://gamerfox97.tumblr.com/post/116480929697/yep-that-just-happened You can add me on Steam if you want: https://steamcommunity.com/id/SAA-X
  3. Hey, I'm S.A.A. I don't make music, but I love listening to it. I can't believe I only found out about OC ReMix a few months ago given its overall great quality. I stumbled upon it when I wanted to listen to Skytown Elysia Ost in Metroid Prime Corruption. Entropic Dream and Yellow Valkyrie were my gateways into this amazing community. I've been gaming since I was 4, I'm 19 now. I grew up with Nintendo, especially Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, and Metroid, and later got into Halo and many other genres. I love Action, Adventure, Arena Shooters, and Sandbox Ga
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