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  1. Speaking of which... What is it that keeps this kind of stuff away from copyright issues?
  2. Good luck. I have no idea how to remix or what to use so I can't help ya out anyway there. :S
  3. Game: Sonic the Fighters Theme: Death Egg's Eye, Giant Wing, and North Wind (Sonic Vs Knuckles) Plus, just how often do people check these..?
  4. Dude, first off, OST sounds great as always! Second congrats on the IRL stuff! Must be great being able to move out . What tourneys were you doing btw?
  5. Absolutely LOVE IT! Amazing jobs! I will admit I'm not a big fan of Boss/JP to begin with, but I did like that version better. And then Metallic Madness and Collision Chaos are great! If you all got back together, maybe you could cover Sonic The Fighters/Sonic Champions?
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