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  1. Beautiful, just awesome. I haven't heard such good Megaman since the days of AE. When the drum came in at 1:45 I was like "HELL YEAH!"
  2. Of those I have listened to, this is the only remix of this song that captures the same mood I felt while I was actually playing Metroid all those years ago. That fact by itself is enough to make me say I like this remix.
  3. I loved the original version of this song and I love this remix of it even more. Great job; this song now rates in my top 5 favorite remixes.
  4. Such a great remix, I like this better than the original song it came from. I have listened to it many many times and still enjoy it as much as ever, great work.
  5. I enjoyed this song the whole way through, especially starting at 1'30. I agree with some comments above, it made me want to jump in a ship and blast off. (albeit my ship is in the game X-Tension)
  6. I really enjoy this remix, especially the changes at 1:52 and 2:22. It sounded like a pretty awesome robot was singing to me about something.. err that robots like to sing about.
  7. This remix gave me the shivers. An improvement to an already great song. This is definately going in my "Favorites" folder. The high piano notes and the lovely flute at 4 '34 were icing on the cake. Excellent work.
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