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  1. Since I have two extra computers hooked up to our cable internet and using torrents kills my mom's connection, I had to go to the singles page and download from there. I got the following: 1. Fight On! (Simply amazing! The contrast and the techno and the beat! MUCH love!) 2. Crazy Motorcycle. (I never giggled so hard. The way the song was done, it's INCREDIBLE! I love it!) 3. Racing Chocobos - Place your Bets! (It flows so smoothly and cheerfully! I could head nod to this all day!) 4. Electric de Chocobo - (Huge fan of the cute birds now and forever and this song is great! My toes were tapping away happily as I giggled.) 5. One-Winged Angel - (Whoever said this was ruined was so wrong. Oh my gosh, if this song was candy, I'd devour it in seconds. Yummy, yummy goodness.) Overall: I downloaded ONLY 5 songs and can't believe it. An old game company once said their games go to 11. The DJs at OCremix go to the Infinite Universe and past it. Keep up the great work! When my mom gets off her computer, I'll help seed!
  2. Just randomly I downloaded this remix and I IMMEDIATELY loved it. The C-64 feel really takes me back to when I played C-64 games. (I was 5 years old, but MAN I have good memories of those games). Took me a bit to place the song, but once I did, it made perfect sense. Keep up the great work, this song rules. *Puts it on stereo and hits repeat*
  3. I admit I haven't visted for quite awhile. Most of my favorite old remixes are on CDs and all around my room. I simply pick one up and toss it into my portable player. Lats night, insomnia kicked in, I found a CD hiding in my blank CD spindal. Tossed it in, and this was the first song. I fell asleep listening to it over and over. I LOVE this song from the vocals to the heavy machine. The drums didn't impress me too much, but knowing what was after them always keeps my ears glued to the headphones. Overall, amazing piece. One of my top 10 favorites. -Kitty
  4. I actually found an official remix of this song that's techno and uses the original singer's voice. I like it better than this one because, as pointed out several times, the pounding beat is drowning out the lyrics. Nice try, though.
  5. Ehhhh ..... it sounds a little too much like a MIDI file turned MP3 to me. I don't mind some sythesizer sounds but this feels ... a little over done with all the sounds. It won't stay on my regular playing list, I'm afraid.
  6. I couldn't help it. I started cracking up and laughing when I heard the vocals. SO 80's like. And when I heard "Mario, Mario, you're so fine ..." I busted out laughing. The normal beat, though. That sounds right from Ghettoblasters for the commodore 64. One of the songs you blast in the game. Soooo familiar. It's interesting to guess where some sound affects/beats come from. I wonder ....
  7. O.O I know that beat anywhere!! In the beginning it's Michael Jackson's weird sound going Ah, ah, ah, ah! And near the end, it's Billy Jean's song beat. NICE way of using it. I love this remix AND Michael jackson's 80's music.
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