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  1. for some reason i can't seem to download this song? it keeps showing controller_xsl instead please help
  2. I have Scoured the internet and looked and looked but all i've found were done in different game systems styles it makes me wonder if anyone can properly remix the master of cool, the megaman troll, the one and only dynamo from x5 and x6 or is TOO GOOD TO REMIX. i dare anyone to try and prove me wrong
  3. nah i'm good you know these things since it's your job and i don't so your word is enough it's sad considering he admitted he was in the wrong in another blog post and apologized. but banned is banned.
  4. uh sorry for being late. but i found out on mr straders website that he redacted wanting to take off his solo works off the website (i was looking for one of his remixes from this site that deleted itself somehow from my laptop) so...now i'm curious
  5. darn it when i heard from liontamer about brandon i thought that now people won't hear his music anymore.


    but that's not why i'm posting this. reading the forum i completely agree with your choice, slander is never good and as someone who had to deal with that sort of things for years i can understand where you are coming from and wanted to say thank you for getting rid of him, people should never act like a paranoid to the point that people become upset.

  6. As a big fan of the Castlevania series i have not seen a SINGLE ReMix from Dawn of Sorrow and i would love it is if someone did Subterranean Hell form it. maybe do an opera style song with an harp incorporated into it because when i heard that song for the first time i thought "it would have been cool if it had a harp playing"
  7. loved this song but i felt with the lyrics that this song should have been a duet. and maybe they should have been tweaked a little so it'd would have been a full song instead of stopping at 2:53 and then waiting until 4:40 to sing the same lyrics.
  8. wow always thought differently then again i always spammed awake so wow me a castlevania fan boy out maneuvered and proven wrong
  9. i like this song sorry i'm not musically gifted so i can't go into detail with all the music terms but i can say the song is "clockwork mansion" not "clockwork" it was a remix of a previous games song (except for awake, circle of the moon had a completely remixed soundtrack)
  10. wacha i like this song, not the lyrics but the fact that i find it's a parody of the rap genre (in a good way) the beat while a little bland in my eyes i can see the rhythm and how it was used. as for my two cents on the whole racial thing. i do not care about the word, it's how you use it. my cousin Vanessa (who is the only family member i love) is married to a black guy and he's awesome and i'm happy to be related to him. my stepfather on the other hand....oh how racist that man is
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