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  1. Oh hush, you insignifigant little mizer. No one cares about your idea of what the hell comedy is. This isn't art school or Juliard school for the Performing Arts. This is OverClocked ReMix. Let Shael have his fun and you take care of having a 2X4 shoved up your butt for the rest of us and leave us out of you pissy moaning about how much this remix sucks and how we aren't allowed to have fun here, you stupid little peon. What? I'm sorry, I can't here you... You say I've offended you? I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!!!! You can give your opinion about the remix, buddy, but this isn't the place to lower everyone else who happened to chuckle even slightly at this quite comical song. Go to Hell, Jodo. It will be a lot more pleasent than what I'd do to you if you started berating me like that in person...
  2. This sorta sounds like it should be the soundtrack to an Animusic video... not bad, ma man, not bad
  3. I'm sorry, this is a good mix, but I'm going to be quite honest, I already have three different versions of this great intro downloaded and this one doesn't sound any different.
  4. First off, being a hardcore Xenogears fan, I'd like to point out that this is NOT Chu Chu's theme, even though it is heard for the first time when she is introduced as a playable character. This is Seibzhen's version of Maria's theme. But other than that THIS IS THE DAMN NEAR COOLEST PIECE OF MIXIN' IVE EVER HAD THE GOD GIVEN GIFT OF HEARING!!!! My hats off to you, Jared!
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