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  1. i didnt think it was possible for a song with such simple instrumentation to bring a person to tears yet here i am by far the most emotionally moving piece ive ever heard on this site. bravo
  2. the second that breakbeat came in a sinister smile spread across my face like a villain in a saturday morning cartoon. this song is a perfect fit for a kirby boss; it's chillingly evil in a way that makes you cower in admiration (and that game over jingle at the end was brilliant!!) great stuff
  3. the first time i listened to this i wasn't giving it my full attention and mostly thought "this is nice relaxing music i could fall asleep to." then i played it again and followed along with the lyrics; more than a few tears were shed. very beautiful, from both a musical and lyrical standpoint! i've never played FFIX and am not familiar with the context in which the original was used, but i feel as though i understand the piece in spite of that. and i think that's a testament to the power of video game music/arrangements: it can transport you to other words without ever having set foot there yourself. this song is definitely a new favorite of mine!!
  4. it's hard to hear rock-infused drum n' bass without immediately being reminded of Pendulum, but that's a compliment of the highest order. "Savage" is astonishingly appropriate here; this type of high-energy aural intensity makes me wanna...dance isn't even the right word...thrash?? yeah. this is definitely thrashing music.
  5. i love it when i'm looking back through the archive of older mixes and i come across a gem like this. its' pure electronic bliss, and the fact that it's 15 years old doesn't make it any less danceable. songs like this are just good clean fun.
  6. this is one of my all-time favorite songs on this site. this makes my soul feel cleansed i made an account here just so i could say this
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