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  1. To be honest, the only remix of the Magus theme I like on OCR. Very nice! The theme shines and the D&B adds a really cool flair to it.
  2. Absolutely LOVE it, Pretzel. All the instruments work extremely well together. Especially the cello and piano, but that might be personal bias... >_> The light percussion, the acoustic in the background (and when it comes to the foreground), it really paints the picture of what you're trying to convey. *stares out window* j00 rock my world, djp!
  3. Very nicely done, a great mix of the Halo Theme. The drumline used is definately different than what the original was going for, but it's a very nice change-up. My only real complaint with the remix is that it seems to be a little long... I think it should end with the drum beat at 4:48, and not go into the (in my opinion) awkward fade out. Love the quiet opening with the piano though. /clap Good job altogether Krispy. 8/10.
  4. Jeremy has to be one of my favourite mixers on this site. I love how this remix was done, especially because I really can see a school band playing this. In terms of the mix itself, my favourite bit is probably around 5:34; the change of tempo/style here is great. I really like the Forest Maze section in general, the bassoon at the beginning, the oboe interjection, it's all good. I really don't have too many negatives to say about this mix, outside the slightly off mastering. Good job once again, Jeremy Robson!
  5. Very cool, definately a lovely soundscape. Just one thing though- Diablo, anyone? O.o
  6. While I realize you were going for more of a romantic theme, I really don't think the Jenova Theme works very well as slow as you made it. That song, well, it's supposed to be fast. If you take out the fast, you take out the essence of the song, in my opinion. It seems a little...drab. But hey, what do I know.
  7. I'd much rather have this play when I float in to Dragon Roost than the in game music, frankly. Props to Unknown for doing this in Fruityloops!
  8. Orkybash's made a great mix here. It does a great job of "remastering" the Woods theme, and I think that if the big N were to remake SMRPG (as they SHOULD, damnit!!), this would be what they'd use for the Woods... not only because it sounds great, but also because - and this will help the Corporal's length problem - It loops. The ambience at the end goes perfectly with the ambience at the beginning, and if you didn't know that and didn't have your Music Player in plain sight, you'd just think it was a break. Albeit similar to the break that happened a minute and a half ago.
  9. Smooth mix. Me likey. You always know a mix is good when it incorporates FFVII and CT music together.
  10. wait a sec... do you mean changing the file itself to a .txt or simply changing the name of the file on the server? i'm sorry...I am quite confused now. EDIT: After reading to the very end of Page 2, I GET IT!! One moment and I'll fix this the RIGHT way...
  11. No - that must be it. One moment as I fix that...
  12. Ok, i read the topic, and I must be missing something insanely obvious - look at my sig's "picture". Could you please tell me what I'm missing?
  13. A few pages back I said this, and got a few replies about how easy Sephiroth is. To all of you: IT WAS A JOKE. <<<Notice the name, good sirs?
  14. What we have here is VERY nice mix... the instruments are well chosen (although the synth can start to get a bit annoying), the song is well put together, and it has great roots! It ends at a good time - right when it's about to feel repetitive. And its end is great - I love the slow down into the one final chord. I'm still waiting for the day the SMRPG mixes are coming up on CT.... but till then I have these six! ;) Fun...makes you bob your head! Sad pun intended...um.... yeah. 8/10.
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