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  1. It's about time this got posted. I've been listening to this song for about a year now and I still get a chuckle out of the "Or get a sammich or somethin" part. Great song to show to friends, and a great song to go rollin' through the ghetto with as well. (If you like getting shot/jacked, that is.)
  2. Color me impressed. Outstanding performance by all involved. This is some simply beautiful music. Nice work doesn't even seem appropriate this is so awesome. But it'd be worse to deprive you of the NWG, so:
  3. Wow, I never even saw the castle song as remxing material, and now Disco Dan has taken it and made it so awesome it hurts. Those unbelievably dramatic string bursts are by far the best part. But without the things in-between, the giant swells wouldn't really be giant swells now would they? Put simply, this is an amazing piece of music. Fucking nice work.
  4. I think they intentionally had things slightly out of tune. If not, well kick me in the goiter, cuz it really does add. All we need are some cheesy scream samples at :53 and we're set. Damn nice work. Very different, but still awesome.
  5. Dude, this is way impressive. The drumming in particular strikes me as very different from the usual electronically-produced track, mainly in it's complexity. The overall difficulty of this song, both in its making and its ability to be understood by the average layman, is to be respected. In two words: nice work.
  6. Whoa, this is so Big Beat it hurts. But in a good way. The synths chosen fit perfectly for their assigned tasks, and mad kudos go for the nice use of digital aliasing. One small note for the people questioning the judge's hesitation of posting this: The song may be awesome, but you have to ask yourself "How much awesomeness is the result of the remixer, and how much is the result of the original composer." And in this case, it was close. Although if the judges had refused this track it woulda been a damn shame. Although Big Beat may have been absolutely hated by every pioneering electronica artist of the 90's, it's cool to see someone keeping the dream alive. Don't stop, tefnek.
  7. Ha, this would be amazing if it was done by a real group. The musical ideas abound from this piece. I would really love this piece if it was higher quality. As it stands, it's awesome, but I probably wouldn't listen to it in the car.
  8. Ha, this is pretty sweet. It is somewhat repetitive, but I think the awesome production makes it very enjoyable. I always love your work, Mazedude. Thank you for blessing the world with this mix.
  9. Awesome work, man. I thought it was one of the best remixes I've heard in a long time, but apparently others find issues with it. Oh well, I listen to this all the time anyway. Thanks.
  10. Dude, you should play in a real band. No doubt your drummer would love you. Man, if I could meet someone with you particular ideas, I'd play til my hands fell off or my drums broke down, whichever came first. Anyway, this is damn fine stuff.
  11. Whoa, an awesome take on a song that only seemed mediocre before. Mad kudos for the drum programming.
  12. Daniel Baranowsky never ceases to amaze. This is an incredible take on the Gerudo theme. The best aspect is definately the weird little percussive sound effects that occur here and there in the mix. The drums at 2:35-3:19 sounded so fake, though. Aside from that, this piece was sweet. Nice work, as usual.
  13. God, BliNd can do no wrong. I don't see how others can find fault in it, but to each his own. I think this is awesome.
  14. Dude, this is absolutely awesome. A lot of elements going on at once, amazing rapping that fits in real well with the mix, and practically professional production. Damn fine work, I must say. By the way, nice Chun Li reference. =D
  15. Damn, this is great stuff. Something about the way the whole thing's been put together makes it just have a groove all its own. The one problem I have is a minor one. I think the organ actually gets a little annoying after a while, being mixed so far in the front and repeating over and over. Small gripe that noone else seems to have, so I must be crazy or something. Other than that, this is a great remix of one of my favorite songs from Double Dragon. One of my favorite childhood games.
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