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  1. I am quite sure that my playback chain is not the source of clipping in this case. For one, I am listening from the WAV torrent, not Ogg Vorbis files. Additionally, I ReplayGained the audio (which scaled the album by -6.72 dB) and I have WinAmp's equalizer disabled. And my Sennheiser HD 280 Pro 'phones could hardly be considered prone to generating artifacts. Perhaps it's not actual clipping. All I know is that I definitely hear heavy clipping-like distortion whenever the bass drum & cymbals are hit together from 1:00 to 1:20 of "Traversing The Beyond". Maybe the levels were too high for the compressor to deal with it well? I dunno. As for "So It Begins", perhaps it's static & pops from the electric guitar recording. The other instruments seem to mask it pretty well, so at least it's not glaringly obvious.
  2. This is a very nice album; I just downloaded the full-quality WAV torrent. However, I couldn't help but notice clipping in "So It Begins" (sporadically, starting at 1:07) and much more noticably in "Traversing the Beyond" (1:00 to 1:16). There might be more spots, but I haven't listened all they way through yet. Admittedly this is an amateur project, but if you're treating this release like a CD album & even providing PCM-quality tracks, I wish you'd have taken the time to ensure that the signal doesn't clip. Aside from those technicalities, the ambient flowing nature of the project definitely appeals to me. Nice work all ye who contributed to this.
  3. I agree. Kind of odd that it's a 48KHz sample-rate MP3 too... when 128Kbps compression usually lowpasses all frequencies above 16KHz. All the same, I loved the beautiful arrangement, and the fluid fusion of the Shenmue (Sedge Tree) and Shenfa (Sedge Flower) themes. Some parts sounded very similar to the Shenmue Orchestra Version tracks.
  4. I'm not really sure myself. I know Jeremy Soule (Secret of Evermore, Icewind Dale II, etc) was assigned to compose all of the tracks for orchestra, which he did very nicely. Why there were no area themes or event themes, who knows? And *stop* crediting it as an XBOX game! It's a PC game ported to the XBOX to satisfy those console freaks who don't have powerful enough PCs. =P I really must repeat what has already been said above... if you haven't played this game... PLAY IT!!! It is awesome super-ness. The game is so completely open-ended, you can kill whoever you want whenever ( that's if you're skilled enough not to get killed first =p ), you can progress through the game as a theif, a robber, a mage, a glory-seeking warrior, and so many other possible ways. Any item you see onscreen, you can pick up and use, be it mushrooms & moss in a field or the weapons lying around in a amoury shop ( though that would be called theft =p ). Huge game world, so detailed, you don't even have to follow the main quest if you don't want to... GET IT ALREADY!!! ^^
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