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  1. Saw the CD when I got home from work a few days ago, and the very first thing I did was open it and rip to my computer. Must say, I wasn't disappointed! Now, I can't really comment much on the musicality because it's not my field, but this album sounds quite slick, both in production quality and the compositions themselves. May this work get the kudos it deserves!
  2. I'd be interested, but The Cam (of Bound Together fame) has his partay on the exact same weekend. Sorries, dude. Hope ya can lasso in some more folks, though!
  3. If you guys can't find another way to get there and are alright with it, I suppose I could always drive up to Philly. It doesn't add a horrible amount of time.
  4. I would be interested in attending a second time on Saturday. Double-dipping on an experience like this should be mandatory!
  5. It's been stuck at 13 for a few days now? C'mon, I know there've got to be more of you who want to go! Where are you guys?
  6. I just donated $37.44 for mine own ticket, from a corpmogu at Hotmail address. Whee!
  7. Pimped out with bandwidth, eh? Must be nice. 320Kbps could possibly be a waste of space for many (and it's not a Good Idea™ for them to re-encode), but I suppose it's really not a huge deal. Either way, you get sweet mass-defying beats exuding from those bits. Awesomeskatez. And now I wait... patiently, yes yes... o.o
  8. Even though I'm already in line for the "real" thing with my CD preorder, I'm curious about the technical aspects of the downloads. Would you be encoding with FLAC 1.1.4 for full CD-quality, and LAME 3.97's -V 2 --vbr-new setting for MP3? Just curious if you know or heed the recommendations of those audio compression enthusiasts over at the Hydrogen Audio boards. ^^ And I'll definitely tell one of my co-workers (who happens to be a sound guy as a second job!) about this album. Can't say for sure if he'd go for it, but the guy likes some pretty obscure stuff.
  9. I heartily support going with the Premium Orchestra seating. Centered at mid-range is about the best place to experience a symphonic performance, and that's exactly what those seats are. *ThumbsUp*
  10. Put my preorder in tonight after hearing this groovy phatness on Steve's VGM show. Yet more musical joy to look forward to, suh-weet!
  11. Muy congratulations! I bet you'll quite enjoy taking part in that kind of piece.
  12. Put me down for any day as a definite. I'm looking forward to hopefully an even better experience than Philly! And hoping, against all hope, that they'll be playing something from LucasArts' The Dig by the time the tour gets around to DC. EDIT: What seating are we going for, if we get tickets as a group?
  13. Hey, damn, I have a girlfr--? Oh, wait... the other Mog. Dude... that was totally a joke. Do you think he could really not remember what that picture was? Now go back and edit that post so no one knows besides those who were there. Hey, I think you underestimate Bernie's impact on people. Unfortunately, not for the good... And, wow, I literally did laugh upon reading what you named my pic, combined with how I ended up looking. *giggles* Mission accomplished!
  14. If all goes as planned, I shall be joining Steve next Friday. Who knows to what degree... isn't VGM almost always by the seat of the pants, anyway? ;D But my deep voice will be there to complement Mr. D-Rux... just don't have your sub up too loud, lest the dual bass be too overwhelming. ;-x Or underwhelming. ;_; Or something.
  15. Thanks for the hefty helping of off-topic posts, folks. Anyway... Glad to say that I was once again able be at MAGFest for a rockin' good time. The company was wonderful (and oh so amuse-- oooo, pretty green laser!), the bands were pretty sweet (despite the requisite level issues), and the times were all around quite fun. Hey, and even the musicians that never had a concert were awesome to hear... like listening to Darangen, Taucer, Mephisto, and LuiZa just jammin' it up. And I've got a couple new CDs waiting to be listened and ripped. Squee! ^^ Always interesting to see the costumes people create, although unfortunately, there seemed to be much fewer than in the past (despite the higher number in attendance). But those few were notable, from a well-done WoW-eared elf to a skimpy moogle girl to a red shirt officer from ST:TNG! The last was a bit of a neat surprise, and unfortunately the other Star Trek fans I knew weren't anywhere around when I saw him. D: Also... not to dis OCR, certainly... but virt's VGMix 3 plans look wonderfully ambitious. Would make for a great complement to the community if everything is implemented well. So many memorable things. Who can forget, late at night, the 10 or so people standing at the McDonald's drive thru, all while Shael insisted on the illegality of such a indisputably immoral action. Or the OCR panel's own "insensitivity" towards its own man of another color! Letting an Oji hand out white T-shirts... really! Must ye be so degrading? Or seeing Mustin, virt, and djpretzel all get together without any malicious drama. And of course, meeting -- some again, some newly -- so many other fellow OCR fans and participants... sharin' the love of some good music.
  16. Mind posting a link? That's a great episode. Also, I like flutes (I think it stems from whistling a lot, and Ocarina of Time...). I think I still have that episode on tape somewhere... Mouser X out. Orchestral Suite from The Inner Light It has a soft blip in there due to a scratch that couldn't get CD-doctored away. But I didn't even notice it until a few listens. Ah, the wonder of public libraries having music... And I agree with those who claim Voyager really wasn't bad. The only Star Treks that I really don't like are TOS ( sorry, it's just too cheesy for meh D: ) and Enterprise. TNG, DS9, and Voy were for the most part well-produced and thoughtful.
  17. The file on OCRemix seems to be missing a header or something. Winamp would play the file, but not report any information like song length. And I'd prefer to hear a re-encode of the master audio than that 128Kbps-ish MP3 run through an encoder again at 112Kbps.
  18. Awesome, so far looks like I'll still be seeing most of the wonderful folks there that I've seen in the past. Anyway, just gonna repeat the call for anyone needing someone to room with... and I can also fit more people in my car (I'd be coming in from north Delaware). Kupo!
  19. I'll definitely be there, as I have been from the start. Hopefully D-Lux will be coming too, in all his towering pimpin' glory. Looking for folks to room with, too.
  20. No you two didn't! Day of the Tentacle?!?! Utter hilarity. VGDJ is simply getting too good at making me laugh. Enough already! =x EDIT: Well, darn, just from the intro I thought it was you guys dressed as the tentacles. But still, wonderfully silly video of 'em. ;D And seeing the panel makes me wish I could've attended. D:
  21. Such as using LAME 3.97b2 with the high-quality -V 1 --vbr-new setting? Or something similar? I'm always dissapointed when I see a project releasing ~128Kbps MP3s and no lossless counterparts so I can encode them at a better setting. So it's nice to see you're thinking about the sound quality! Oh, and the website rocks. Hope the project turns out to be just as rad.
  22. Nice to see another Kwed remix make its way over to OCR. =D The first time I downloaded & listened to it, the vocal loop put me off. But I came to realize how well it fits in with the song... which has been one of my favorites for quite a while now. So smooth & groovin' you can't help but chill.
  23. *nods* I'm not saying you should go back & redo them. Just letting you know for the future, if you use Vorbis. Also, the r3mix command is not recommended since it was based on flawed analysis in the first place. In fact, LAME 3.96 now interprets "--r3mix" as a completely different setting since so many people still use the line. =p "--preset standard" is the currently recommended commandline for hi-qual VBR. [/technical shiz] So can no one help me out with the musical phrases in question?
  24. Digital Coma, I'm curious to know what MP3 encoder and options/commandline you used for the files on the download page. I see you the 1.0 encoder was used for the Ogg Vorbis files. Vorbis's version 1.1 encoder is out now, with a fair deal of quality improvements over 1.0 especially in lower bitrates. Vorbis.com doesn't have it yet, as sluggishly as that site is updated, but you can get it from the first link in this thread: http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=15049 smh, in Arboreal Ascent what is that quote around 2:31? It's disturbingly familiar. It's a nice little touch how Vigilante worked Frog, Kraid, and Zelda into Beneath the Surface. ^^ I hear something at 3:15 too that sounds like Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64, but I'm not sure. Nor do I remember the name of that Zelda song right at the end.
  25. Personally, I prefered Relics of the Chozo for its more consistent quality. On this album, there are some tracks that sound too thin, sparse, & repetitive, and others that are nectarine-sweet. Plus I just love thick atmospheric ambience like that found in Prot's project. (Crateria Raining, woot!) All-in-all, though, I'm still glad I downloaded this. The good offsets the mediocre. And I still can't believe Vig made an erotic groove out of Candy's Love Song. =x Is Dhsu's "Pirate Prelude" supposed to transition into SnappleMan's "Thrash the Plank" so abrubtly? It almost sounds like the piano is cut off at the track change. (Yes, I'm listening to it gaplessly.) Thank you guys for going through the trouble of providing full 16bit 44.1KHz PCM quality sound through the WAV torrent. I wish I could download every OCRemix/VGMix in this quality. Prot, I must ask... does your love extend to this site as well?
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