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  1. Thanks for the release, dude. Now I have to track down all the rest of the Chromelodeon / Sprite Slowdown material I don't have. Really was a shame to hear that you guys stopped playing, you were such a fresh-sounding group.
  2. "Enhanced", just like Starla's... ... ... ... ... ...fingers were in that blaze of Guitar Hero glory against Sammy. What, were you expecting something different? To be perfectly honest, nothing pulled my attention to that "asset" which you guys all seem to be gawking over. *Shrugs* Don't know what the big deal is anyway. But, really, it was awesome to see so many faces, familiar and new, at MAG this year. The OCR crowd keeps growing, and the international attendees too! I mean, it takes some real dedication to come from Sweden! <3 for AeroZ and Wire.
  3. Oh man, this is sounding really nice. Hope we get to hear more!
  4. Not everyone! I know that song's soothing powers well. Also, there's an "official" arranged version of the same Reminiscence theme which is very calming as well. But what about CotMM's totally ambient chilled take on Secret of Mana's Pure Night, "Pure Lands (Total Darkness)"? Or the two Pot Hocket tracks from Voices of the Lifestream, seemingly plucked from a guitar of gently-laid heartstrings? Vigilante's "May Fortune Smile Upon You"? And in a totally non-VGM vein, Suzanne Teng's flute playing is a nice fluffy pillow of sound. Or better yet... a magic carpet, floating in midair... Or maybe I just need to get to sleep myself. o.o
  5. It's always great to see newcomers to the scene making fantastic contributions like this. I was certainly not expecting to hear such goodness from the source material, but Hy Bound came along and made Mark of the Beatsmith one of my favorite arrangements on the album. The progression -- in pace, intensity, dynamics, and the music itself -- as well as the absolutely spitshine slick production effects made this a track to truly absorb and enjoy. Here's to hoping that this gem won't be Hy Bound's one & only contribution to the site!
  6. I would rather remain anonymous and not post. Aw, crap.
  7. I'm so glad to see this mix made it onto OCR proper. Excellent work sir! Admittedly, when I first heard Daydreaming Again, I was disappointed with how it seemed to constantly skirt but rarely actually play the original Fireworks melody. But after a couple more listens, the improvisation just sounded so much more appropriate, so much more calmly fluid and serenely touching. Now this song is one that I frequently put on before going to sleep. And trust me, that is far from an insult, but instead a high honor. For I am extremely picky about what music I play to relax myself into that blissfully unconscious state. May we hear more of this excellent caliber from you, Mr. Transposed Hot Pocket!
  8. Oh, how I so agree. I was disappointed to see no evidence of a Lifestream rendition (oh so ironic considering the project name) since it has always struck me as having such potential to be used in a serenely emotive little rearrangement. And I was even *thinking* piano! Fortunately Bladiator AWESOMELY came to the rescue, hiding that calm evocative melody within his "Various Themes". I only wish that the theme went on for longer. But this pianist knows how to make his medleys go down smooth, so I really cannot complain.
  9. Nice mix, Another Soundscape is proving to be a versatile character. o.o By the way, where did you ever find Jade Cocoon's original soundtrack?
  10. Moguta

    FASA Died

    Do space flight/combat sims count? There's a good remake of an old classic out, and still in development: Wing Commander Privateer: Gemini Gold That said, I too am disappointed in the lack of piloting games these days, whether it's spaceborne or airborne craft.
  11. Here's an awfully relevant story that, in the interest of full disclosure, I found posted in response to a similar discussion: Melancholy Elephants
  12. Haha, indeed. Sleep takes precedence over waiting for a long-arse download to creep toward 100%. But I will certainly hear it all tomorrow evening.
  13. T -15:00 and counting. I can already taste it. o.o
  14. But, now, that would only make it more interesting. Right, Larry?
  15. Well, the OST features 85 tracks. Although, that does make the 45 tracks seem impressive, in its own way. Assuming no medleys and no overlap (though both are likely), more than half of the entire original soundtrack is ReMixed by this project.
  16. Wow, a topic on January's MAGFest already? 'suppose it pays to plan ahead. I will definitely be coming to this MAGnanimous (har-har) event, as I do ever year. MAGFest 1 vets represent! ...or something. <.< o.o >.> My car should have at least 2 free seats, although I'm only traveling from northern Delaware, which ends up being a sweetly short trip compared to the days when MAGFest was at such distant vistas as Williamsburg and Roanoke. Also, I would need to share a hotel room. Being on the floor in a sleeping bag doesn't bother me much, if necessary.
  17. Aw, such kind words! ^^;; It's a tempting idea to consider, and not a completely unfamiliar occupation. But I would readily exchange this alleged ability to mold the English language to my whims for an incredible fluency in the language of music, for the skill to delicately shape voice and tone into sonic emotion. Although, I certainly hope you talented folks all keep up a stream of amazing review-fodder, whether I would be receiving money for tossing my opinion around or not.
  18. This sparkly album of happy glitter arrived in the postal mail just a couple days ago, and I can hardly stop playing it both in my car to & from work and on my computer at the apt. And that's something, considering it's competing against the recently-acquired discographies of both Enya and Loreena McKennitt (an acquisition far overdue). Since it's playing now, I just have to say how The Mermaid Part I: The Storm sounds so very cinematic, especially if one were to ignore the synthetic nature of the instruments. Parts of the piece even remind me of the scores to Shore's Lord of the Rings and the game Advent Rising. But most of all, what strikes me is the inspirational quality of these lyrics and the passionate expression with which they are sung. Even the melancholy within sounds uplifting. And often when a song may begin with darker thoughts, by the finish it has concluded not in the same state in which it began, but with a sense of hope, of self-discovery. This progression also seems oft reflected in the music itself, not content to be static and repetitively infectious, but more of a journey in mood and dynamics. Lastly, I must admit that when I was ripping the CD, trying to find an appropriate genre for this album rather confounded me. But glancing upon Helen's new site, "faerie pop" does seem quite a fitting description.
  19. DragonAvenger is right about the sampler discs. djp knows the entire contents of the walk-in-music disc since he's the "author"; it was playing before we decided to come into the hall. EDIT: See Larry's list below for the accurate playlist. ;P
  20. Kekeke As you should know from your membership in the judge panel, there is no possibility for rational defense against judge bias! It always wins in the end, like a mindless, all-consuming... Tetris block. o.o Really, I don't care who won. Although, it is amusing that Sammy got one of the OCR sampler discs.
  21. Have to say, the concert was pretty sweet experience. Although I do wish the set varied a bit more from what I saw in Philly, it was awesome to hear those songs performed live all over again. The Medal of Honor theme really got to me, both times, especially considering how well the footage reflected & amplified the music. Also, walking into the hall just prior to the show and realizing that hundreds of people are listening to Overclocked Remixes blaring over the loudspeakers! That was just so cool, despite knowing it was gonna happen. I can only imagine how Dave must've been feeling. And thanks to Sammy winning the costume contest (judged by two of our own group), we have a new meme to spread around OCR. Groove bias is just so passé now that we have Tetris bias! Best part of the meetup had to be exposing my wonderful ultimate frisbee skillz to all. Just look at that disc glide so gracefully... for half a foot before wobbling to the ground a yard away. <.< Oh yeah, awesome talent! >.> Especially memorable when the two *cough* "best" players on the field fumbled around with the frisbee (and nearly into each other) for a few crazy seconds. Ah, fun times. But in all respectful seriousness, Bustatunez, you are one musically gifted piano-jammin' badass. Being at the cafe was like a mini-concert in and of itself.
  22. I didn't notice this thread until just now, but here's my info: Traveling from: North Delaware By: Car w/room for 3 or 4 Arriving: Anytime Friday from morning to noontime Attending: Friday concert, not sure about the Saturday show Staying: Until sometime Saturday, likely So, BGC, I take it your post means that Dave doesn't have any more room for people to crash for the night?
  23. Awesome that this remix got featured on the new Game Music Central debut CD. http://www.gamemusiccentral.com/music/ Interesting, however, that the mix is credited to Tommy Tallarico himself, when every other remix on the album is credited to someone who *isn't* the original composer, i.e. the actual arranger. It seems odd, especially with the fact that Tallarico himself seems to be spearheading this new site & album.
  24. Hrm. I might be able to make this!
  25. Alrighty, I'm game. Will be driving down from northern Delaware in a 5-seater, with seemingly only 1 seat filled at the moment. Our good fellow D-Lux doesn't seem to be too eager to come if it means sitting apart from the rest of the group, nor to stay for the Saturday concert, although I'm not honestly too sure if I'm doing the latter anymore.
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